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  • Tanzanite Stone Jewelry Set

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  • Dragons Heart Labradorite Necklace Dragons Heart Labradorite Necklace
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    Dragons Heart Labradorite Necklace

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  • Obsidian Stone Necklace Obsidian Stone Necklace
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    Obsidian Stone Necklace

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  • Real Moldavite Crystal Necklace Real Moldavite Crystal Necklace
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    Real Moldavite Necklace

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  • Magnetic Energy Talisman - Amulet Magnetic Energy Talisman - Amulet
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    Magnetic Energy Talisman

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  • Silver Larimar Necklace Silver Larimar Necklace
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    Silver Larimar Necklace

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  • Goddess Protection Necklace Goddess Protection Necklace
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    Goddess Protection Necklace

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  • Tanzanite Necklace with Brazilian Garnet Gem

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  • Breathing Aquamarine Pendant Breathing Aquamarine Pendant

    Breathing Aquamarine Pendant

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  • Moonstone Pentagram Necklace Moonstone Pentagram Necklace
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    Moonstone Pentagram Necklace

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  • Flower Hexagon Crystal Necklaces Flower Hexagon Crystal Necklace
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    Crystal Flower Hexagon Necklace

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  • Larimar Trinity Necklace

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  • Larimar Water Drop Pendant Larimar Water Drop Pendant

    Larimar Water Drop Pendant

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  • Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace

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  • Opalite Tree Of Life Necklace Handmade Tree Of Life Opalite Necklace
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    Handmade Tree Of Life Opalite Necklace

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  • Red Garnet Peacock Necklace

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  • Anti-Stress Fluorite Necklace Anti-Stress Fluorite Necklace
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    Anti-Stress Fluorite Necklace

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  • Crystal Perfume Necklace

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  • Larimar Feather Necklace

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  • Obsidian Vitality Necklace

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  • Handmade Tree Of Life Wishes Necklace

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  • Guardian Angel Necklace

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  • Larimar Ocean Drop Necklace Larimar Ocean Drop Necklace

    Larimar Ocean Drop Necklace

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  • Zodiac Constellation Necklace

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Crystal Necklaces & Pendants

What are Healing Crystal Necklaces?

Healing crystal necklaces or crystal pendants come in many shapes and sizes, from crystal pendants created with unique sones and metal components to raw gemstone necklaces, pendants, chains, and talismans; there are many different designs available to suit different styles, intentions, and preferences.

One thing they all have in common, however, is that they can serve as conduits for the energies of various crystals, each possessing its own unique properties and meanings. These shimmering adornments are not just about aesthetics; they also have the potential to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

From the calming and soothing vibes of Amethyst crystal to the grounding energy of Obsidian, each crystal offers a distinct set of benefits. Among the many options available, some of the most commonly sought-after crystals are Quartz crystal, renowned for its clarity and amplifying properties, Black Tourmaline crystal, prized for its protective qualities, Rose Quartz, known as the ‘stone of unconditional love’, and Citrine crystal, known to promote abundance and positivity.

Wearing these crystals close to the heart in the form of a necklace can open up your heart chakra and help you foster a profound sense of connection with yourself and the universe. It serves as a tangible reminder to remain present, mindful, and attuned to the subtle energies surrounding us.

Whether you believe in the metaphysical properties of crystals or simply appreciate their beauty, incorporating them into your daily life can promote a sense of balance and harmony.

How do you use a healing crystal pendant?

Exploring an online crystal shop like Mindful Souls can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. And it's no wonder why. There’s just so much to choose from!

However, to pick the right healing crystal necklace, you first need to understand your intention and which crystal can address it best. Do you want to be more positive? Are you looking for protection or an energy boost? Is stress relief what you’re after?

Understanding your intention with your crystal necklace

If you have your eye on a particular crystal necklace, first take some time to learn about the properties, meanings, and energies of the crystal it is made with.

Amethyst is a perfect choice If you’re looking to soothe stress, For protection, go for Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, or Tiger’s Eye protection crystals.

There is a crystal for every one of life’s ups and downs, and whether you're drawn to the gentle feminine energy of Rose Quartz, the brilliant clarity of Clear Quartz, or Aquamarine’s balancing energy, trust your intuition to guide you toward your perfect match.

Wearing your crystal necklace

Wear your crystal necklace close to your skin, allowing its energies to interact with your own. Try to wear it daily to strengthen your connection to the crystal’s properties. This will also amplify its effects.

Always remember your necklace is a reflection of your unique journey toward healing and self-discovery, so wear it with pride and intention.

Cleansing and Charging a crystal necklace

To keep your healing crystal necklaces working correctly, you need to cleanse and charge them regularly.

But be careful! Not all cleansing methods will work for your specific piece.

Placing your crystal under the moonlight, using other cleansing crystals like Selenite, smudging with sage, or even using saltwater are popular methods. They can clear away any negative, stagnant energy and recharge your crystals.

But make sure you know what the physical properties of your crystal pendant are. Saltwater can tarnish certain metals and damage or even dissolve some crystals.

The key is to find a ritual that works best for you and your piece. Incorporate it into your routine to make sure your necklace always radiates positive energy and good vibrations.

Crystal Necklaces & Pendants for Women

From big, bold pendants with raw gemstones to delicate chains, Mindful Souls is a haven for women who love jewelry.

Need a touch of glamour for a special occasion? Want a little daily reminder of your inner strength and uniqueness? Looking for the perfect gift for your best girlfriend?

Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Agate, and Aquamarine are particularly beloved for their ability to promote love, compassion, inner harmony, and balance—all traits that are often associated with femininity.

Wearing a crystal pendant with any of these gemstones can help women tap into their feminine energy and foster a deep sense of self-love, combinined with a crystal ring or earrings.

Are There Also Crystal Necklaces & Pendants for Men?

Contrary to popular belief, crystal pendants and necklaces are not just for women. Sleek designs for men definitely do exist—and you’ll find some awesome ones at Mindful Souls!

Worn as subtle accents or bold statements, these necklaces can give men a chance to express their individuality while also tapping into the transformative power of crystals.

For men seeking greater focus, resilience, or emotional stability, crystals like Hematite and Tiger's Eye are the best. These gemstones are well known for their grounding and protective qualities and are especially helpful during times of challenge and uncertainty.

Wearing a healing crystal pendant with a T-shirt and jeans is a great way for men to dress up a simple outfit. Layering a bold necklace with other accessories is perfect for those looking for a rugged yet refined look. Or you can also opt for a more understated necklace design that easily blends into your everyday wardrobe.

Looking for more formal or need to dress for special occasions? You can still add a crystal pendant to your outfit! Just wear it with a suit instead of a tie. Wear the necklace up high and keep your shirt slightly open at the top.

A crystal pendant is a great way for men to connect to their inner strength and feel empowered. It’s that extra confidence boost that can help you navigate life with grace and positivity.

Crystal necklaces & Fashion

Making crystal necklaces part of your daily wardrobe is not just about following trends; it's also about self-expression, meaning, and purpose.
It’s about giving the world a little glimpse of who you are, showing the world your style while also connecting with yourself and your spirituality.
And there are so many ways to do it!

One of the best ways is to experiment… a lot! This will help you find what resonates with you the most.
Try layering or mixing and matching various lengths, styles, and stones. For example, pair a shorter necklace with a calming stone like Amethyst with a longer necklace with an energizing Citrine crystal. This will have a balanced yet uplifting effect.

Mixing textures and materials is also a really fun and interesting way to style your crystal necklaces. For example, you could pair a necklace with a leather strap with a chain.

Whichever way you decide to style your healing crystal necklaces, the most important thing is to remember each piece’s purpose, what it means to you, and why you choose to wear it.

Shop Hand-made Crystal Necklaces

At MindfulSouls, we’re very proud to offer handcrafted natural crystal necklaces that are as unique as those who wear them.

Each piece is created with care and careful attention to detail so that it is not only beautiful but also carries the authentic energy of the crystal it is made with.

Through rigorous testing and certification processes, we also ensure and verify the authenticity of our crystals. Each of our crystals is 100% natural, ethically sourced from its native location, and comes with a certified authenticity seal.

This means our customers receive only the highest quality stones.

Our Favorite Crystal Necklaces & Crystal Pendants

Our online store has almost any crystal necklace & crystal pendants you can imagine, but here are some of our absolute favorites for various intentions and needs:

For Love

Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace
Our Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace represents one of the oldest jewelry-making techniques. When wire wrapping is combined with natural Rose Quartz, it is a sight to behold and can bring harmony and unconditional love into your life.

Guardian Angel Necklace in Rose Quartz
This beautifully made Guardian Angel Necklace is said to help guide you through tough times and help you feel more love around you. The pendant resembles a winged angel and is crafted from 100% natural crystal.

For Protection

Obsidian Vitality Necklace
Black Obsidian is a strong protection stone, known to absorb any irritation or negativity. in sacred geometry, the hexagon is arguably the most powerful. This necklace combines the properties of Black Obsidian and the hexagon into one piece, to offer protection on a deep emotional level.

Goddess Protection Necklace
This powerful amulet combines different natural stones to help you feel empowered and fashionable. It has an authentic, striking design that will help you connect to your inner goddess.

Wrapped Black Tourmaline Crystal Protection Necklace
Natural Black Tourmaline removes toxic energy from your body and negative thoughts from your mind. This handmade necklace was designed to let your skin touch the crystal, so you can feel the protective vibrations pulsing through you.

For Communication

Elegant Lapis Lazuli Crystal Necklace
Renowned for enhancing communication, Lapis Lazuli can bring harmony, compassion, and love to relationships. Wearing this beautiful piece will encourage self-expression and openness.

For Spiritual Growth

Handmade Tree Of Life Opalite Necklace
This necklace has wire branches that reach up and roots that dig into the earth, connected in an endless circle of the knot. It is a representation of the journey of spiritual growth.

Celtic Knot Moonstone Necklace
This crystal necklace is a symbol of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotions, enhances intuition, and promotes inspiration.

How to take care of a crystal necklace or crystal pendant?

To keep your crystal necklace or crystal pendant in the best and most vibrant condition, it's super important to take note of these important dos and don’ts.

  • Try not to wear it while you’re sleeping to avoid any accidental damage.
  • Don’t expose it to water - especially salt water as this can damage the metal components as well as the stone. Some crystals can also dissolve in water, so be careful!
  • Opt for sterling silver chains over alloy materials. These don’t last as long.
  • When cleaning your necklace, use gentle methods like wiping it with a soft, dry cloth. Take note of the type of crystal your pendant is made with, as not all cleaning methods work for all crystals.

The biggest ‘do’ is to always treat your necklace with respect and mindfulness. This way you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty and benefits for years to come!

FAQ About Crystal Necklaces

How do healing stone necklaces work?

Healing stone pendants work by harnessing the natural energies of crystals. Each stone is believed to have unique properties that can influence our well-being.

What are the benefits of wearing a healing crystal necklace?

There are multiple benefits as it allows the crystal energies to interact with our own. Wearing a healing crystal pendant can help you foster balance, calmness, and clarity. It can also be a constant reminder of positive intentions throughout the day, helping to enhance mindfulness and personal growth.

What does it mean when your crystal pendant breaks?

Some believe it indicates that the crystal has absorbed negative energies, protecting the wearer from harm. It might also mean that the crystal has served its purpose, and it's time to find a new one that can better support you through your current challenges. If you are scared of breaking your necklace, you can opt for healing crystal rings, that are less likely to break compared to a pendant.

Can I sleep with a crystal necklace?

While some people may find comfort in sleeping with their crystal necklaces, it's generally advised against.The chain could become tangled or broken, and the stone might cause discomfort during sleep.

How can someone incorporate crystal stone necklaces into their daily fashion?

You can mix and match crystals depending on your mood or intentions for the day. Pair a bold crystal pendant with a simple outfit for a pop of color and energy, or wear a delicate chain with various crystals for a subtle yet meaningful touch.

Can I shower with my crystal pendant?

This depends on the material. Showering with copper and gold-plated necklaces should be avoided, as water can damage them over time. Similarly, while sterling silver is more durable, it's best to remove it to prevent tarnishing. Metal necklaces may rust or degrade in water, so it's safest to remove them before showering.

What are the different types of crystal jewelry?

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are the most common types of crystal jewelry. Each type is made for a specific area of your body and offers a unique way to incorporate the properties and beauty of crystals into daily life.