Citrine Jewelry & Crystals

  • Natural Citrine Crystal Lamp Natural Citrine Crystal Lamp
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    Energetic Positivity Citrine Lamp

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  • Citrine Revitalize Bundle Citrine Revitalize Bundle
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    Citrine Revitalize Bundle

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  • Citrine Goodness Bundle Citrine Goodness Bundle
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    Citrine Goodness Bundle

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  • Citrine Bead Bracelet Citrine Bead Bracelet
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    Citrine Bead Bracelet

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  • Polished Citrine Crystal Point Polished Citrine Crystal Point

    Polished Citrine Point

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  • Citrine Point with Natural Sides

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  • Citrine Gemstone Bee Necklace

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  • Citrine Crystal 7 Chakra Beaded Bracelet

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  • Polished Citrine Double Terminated Point Polished Citrine Double Terminated Point

    Polished Citrine Double Terminated Point

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  • Citrine Cluster

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  • Citrine Pet Collar

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  • Natural Citrine Raw Crystals

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  • Raw Citrine Crystal Pendant Necklace Raw Citrine Crystal Pendant Necklace
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    Raw Citrine Crystal Necklace

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  • Sun-kissed Citrine Crystal Necklace

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  • Yellow Citrine Quartz Stone Wand

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  • Polished Citrine Crystal Gemstone

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  • Citrine Crystal Dream Catcher Necklace

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Citrine is a special kind of Quartz that's not often found naturally. Because of this, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz are sometimes heated to look like Citrine. This heat treatment is just speeding up what nature does, so these stones still offer plenty of happiness, energy, and wealth.

The bright yellow color of Citrine, similar to a lemon, is where it gets its name from an old French word. This beautiful yellow has been adored for ages, making its way into the most treasured pieces of jewelry throughout history.

Known as the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine boosts mental clarity and brings a surge of energy and optimism when you need it most.

Benefits of Citrine

Citrine connects to the solar plexus chakra, grounding you in your personal power while fending off negativity. It's like a burst of sunshine, lifting your spirits and helping you build stronger relationships.

This gem doesn’t just attract wealth; it also promotes generosity, enabling the cycle of prosperity to continue flowing. Citrine’s meaning extends to the realms of mental clarity and emotion

a well-being, where it acts as a beacon of positivity.

In our shop, you’ll find Citrine jewelry that’s not just beautiful but also full of positive vibes. Want to grow your collection? We have cubes, spheres, and more to bring joy into your space.

FAQs Brief

What does Citrine do?

Wearing Citrine fills you with positive energy. It’s great for your home too, attracting abundance and good fortune.

What’s Citrine good for?

It’s a beacon of positivity, pushing away bad vibes and brightening your outlook.

How to cleanse it?

Just rinse under lukewarm water. You can also smudge it or place it near cleansing stones like Selenite.

How to charge Citrine?

A little sunlight or a yellow candle can recharge Citrine, adding to its glow and energy. Avoid too much heat, though.