Invest in yourself and manifest your goals and dreams with our selection of the most powerful spiritual items for self-growth. 

Find your balance with Aquamarine & Sound Bowls, manifest success with Aventurine, nurture your spirituality with Amethyst, and unleash your most incredible self.

Self-growth is all about realizing how far you've come and how much further you can go!

  • Green Emerald Bead Bracelet

    Regular price $93.97
  • Raw Natural Aquamarine Stones

    Regular price From $49.97
  • Handmade Therapy Sound Bowl

    Regular price $48.97
  • Purple Amethyst Palm Stone

    Regular price $44.97
  • EMF Green Aventurine Stone Orgone Pyramid

    Regular price From $39.97
  • Aventurine Crystal Flower Ring

    Regular price $36.97
  • Amethyst Crystal Point Lamp

    Regular price $36.97
  • Wisdom Singing Bowl

    Regular price From $36.97
  • Emerald Green Necklace With Silver Sterling Chain

    Regular price $35.97
  • Butterfly Aquamarine Stud Earrings Butterfly Aquamarine Stud Earrings

    Butterfly Aquamarine Earrings

    Sale price $32.97 Regular price $39.97 -17%
  • Amethyst Dangle Earrings

    Regular price $29.97
  • Green Aventurine Palm Stone

    Regular price $27.97
  • Amethyst Cluster

    Regular price From $26.97
  • Handmade Aventurine Necklace

    Regular price $26.97
  • Passion Energy Carnelian Bracelet

    Regular price $25.97
  • Strength Enhancing Pyrite Crystal

    Regular price From $23.97
  • Blue Kyanite Crystal Energy Stone

    Regular price $23.97
  • Breathing Aquamarine Pendant Breathing Aquamarine Pendant

    Breathing Aquamarine Pendant

    Sale price From $22.97 Regular price $32.97 -30%
  • Green Aventurine Bracelet

    Regular price $19.97
  • Silver Sterling Green Emerald Stone Ring

    Regular price $19.97
  • Green Aventurine Angelic Number 11 11 Palm Stone

    Regular price $19.97
  • How To Be Here: A Guide To Creating A Life Worth Living

    Regular price $18.97
  • Wire Wrapped Red Carnelian Crystal Necklace

    Regular price $17.97