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  • Real Moldavite Crystal Necklace Real Moldavite Crystal Necklace
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    Real Moldavite Necklace

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    Silver Larimar Earrings

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  • Silver Larimar Necklace Silver Larimar Necklace
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    Silver Larimar Necklace

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  • Dragons Heart Labradorite Necklace Dragons Heart Labradorite Necklace
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    Dragons Heart Labradorite Necklace

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    Larimar Ocean Bracelet

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    Moonstone Pentagram Necklace

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    Larimar Ocean Drop Necklace

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  • Dainty World Treasure Bracelet

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    Transmitting Larimar Crystal Ring

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  • Triple Stone Protection Bracelet Triple Stone Protection Bracelet

    Triple Stone Protection Bracelet

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    Larimar Butterfly Bracelet

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    Royal Blue Topaz Crystal Ring

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  • Obsidian Stone Necklace Obsidian Stone Necklace
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    Obsidian Stone Necklace

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  • New-Age Mood Ring New-Age Mood Ring
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    New-Age Mood Ring

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  • Opalite Tree Of Life Necklace Handmade Tree Of Life Opalite Necklace
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    Handmade Tree Of Life Opalite Necklace

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  • Natural Alexandrite Crystal Ring

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  • Black Obsidian Beads Protection Necklace

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  • 9 Planets Energy Bracelet 9 Planets Energy Bracelet
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    9 Planets Energy Bracelet

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  • Natural Blue Sapphire Crystal Ring

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  • Midnight Blossom Ring Midnight Blossom Ring

    Midnight Blossom Opal Crystal Ring

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All About Healing Crystal Jewelry

Wearing crystal jewelry isn’t new. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Romans would adorn themselves with crystals for various reasons.

From protection and spirituality to decorations and aesthetics, these precious gemstones have long been believed to possess unique energies that could enhance various aspects of people’s lives.

Today, these jewels are worn for much the same purposes, and recently, people have become increasingly drawn to their beauty and benefits.

Many are turning to crystals to help them find balance and inner peace, as well as to improve their emotional and spiritual well-being. Crystal jewelry presents one of the easiest and most stylish ways to incorporate crystal healing into your daily life.

The Healing Power of Crystals

Welcome to the world of healing crystal jewelry! Here at Mindful Souls, our collection is for anyone and everyone interested in the transformative power of crystals.

Featuring authentic gemstone bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, and anklets, each piece is created with care and can help you harness the unique energies of 100% natural stones.

From Intricately wire-wrapped designs to bold, elegant pieces featuring popular gemstones like  Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Aventurine, our necklaces are more than simple accessories. They offer a way for you to connect with the gentle yet powerful vibrations of crystals to promote harmony and balance in your life.

In our selection of rings, you'll find a similar variety of styles and stones. There’s Aquamarine for those seeking a calming touch, Black Tourmaline for anyone looking to keep negative energy at bay, and many other crystal pieces to suit your needs, intentions, and style.

Discover Your Crystal Connection

Finding the perfect crystal for you is a deeply personal journey that can be guided by different factors.

But the best advice we can share when you’re choosing crystal jewelry is to always trust your instincts!

Hold different pieces in your hand and see which ones you feel most drawn to. Pay attention to any sensations or feelings you may have when toughing the different stones.

If you’re looking for help or support in a specific area of your life, a little research can go a long way!  Take the time to get to know the specific properties of different stones. For example, did you know that Emerald is a stone of abundance? Or that Aquamarine is perfect if you’re seeking tranquility? Do you know that Amethyst is great for spiritual growth?

The world of healing crystals is big and full of exciting and interesting histories and facts. Don’t be afraid to explore; this will help you choose a crystal that aligns with your specific needs or wants.

For those interested in using crystals for chakra alignment, the best place to start is by understanding the importance of each of the seven energy centers., the best thing place to start is by understanding the importance of each of the seven energy centers. Keeping these chakras balanced can be super beneficial for your emotional and spiritual well-being—and wearing crystal jewelry can help.

Choose crystals that have a connection to the chakras you wish to balance or activate. For example, you could wear a Garnet necklace if you wish to activate your Root chakra, a Rose Quartz pendant for the heart chakra, or a Lapis Lazuli ring for the throat chakra.

We have a very wide selection of crystal jewelry available, and each has its unique energies and vibrations.

Trust in yourself and believe that the right crystal will find its way to you. Explore our shop, experiment with different stones, and let your crystal journey unfold organically.

Gifting Healing Jewelry

Giving the gift of healing crystal jewelry is a very special gesture. It’s not just about the beautiful item you’ve given; it’s also about the message you’ve shared.

With crystal jewelry, you can communicate so much love, care, and encouragement.

From celebrating milestones like birthdays, commemorating big life events, or simply expressing appreciation, healing jewelry can make an amazing gift for various occasions.

And it not only serves as a show of support but also as a way to promote self-discovery and spread positive energy. 

It’s the perfect way to share the healing power of crystals with those who matter most to you.

Beyond Jewelry: Explore Our Collection

Crystal jewelry is such an easy way to incorporate spirituality, healing, and harmony into your daily life, but that’s not all that Mindful Souls offers.

We have so many other stylish options, including our copper range and sustainable clothing collection.

For those with a more laid-back, minimalist, and less colorful style, Copper jewelry is a great choice. For years, various cultures have believed that Copper possesses healing energies and spiritual significance. It is often used in jewelry to promote balance, vitality, and energy flow within the body.

You’ll mostly find bracelets and necklaces in our range, including the Magnetic Bio Energy Bracelet and our Minimal Copper Bracelet. Both can help to foster clarity and positive vibrations.

Our inspirational T-shirts are also great sidekicks in your quest for positivity. They’re also awesome for celebrating your individuality. With various designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the one that inspires you the most. Each shirt is made from 100% combed and spun cotton, giving it a soft, lightweight feel with just the right amount of stretch for everyday wear.

Styling With Healing Crystals

What’s better than being able to elevate your look?

Being stylish while also taking care of your well-being! And with our crystal jewelry, you can do both!

Here are some helpful tips for incorporating crystal jewelry into any and all of your outfits:

  1. Versatile Pairings: Crystal jewelry can easily complement different styles, from casual to formal wear. Try layering delicate crystal necklaces with a simple T-shirt and jeans for a chic daytime look, or adding a statement crystal cuff bracelet to elevate a more glamorous evening outfit.
  2. Sustainable Glamour: You can embrace sustainable fashion by accessorizing with crystal jewelry that is sourced and crafted ethically.  And the good news is every one of our crystals at Mindful Souls is 100% natural and ethically sourced! Pairing sustainable crystal pieces with organic fabrics or recycled materials can create a great balance between your style and your environmental concerns.
  3. Crystal Diversity: Before choosing crystal jewelry to go with your different outfits, explore the diverse range of crystals available to find pieces that resonate with your intentions and personal preferences.

Here are some recommendations for different needs:

Protective Stones:

Incorporate Black Tourmaline or Obsidian jewelry such as our Natural Black Tourmaline Ring or Anti-stress Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet. These stones are celebrated for shielding against negativity and promoting grounding and protection.

Love and Harmony:

Adorn yourself with our Rose Quartz or Larimar jewelry collection to attract love, foster emotional healing, and cultivate inner peace and tranquility.

Abundance and Creativity:

Infuse your attire with the vibrant energies of Citrine or Carnelian crystal jewelry to stimulate creativity, enhance motivation, and manifest abundance in all aspects of your life. One of our favorites is the Deluxe Natural Citrine Crystal Pendant.

Chakra Balancing:

Select pieces from our chakra jewelry or Buddhist-inspired pieces, adorned with gemstones corresponding to each energy center, to promote spiritual alignment, balance, and mindfulness.

Zodiac Connections:

Explore our zodiac-inspired crystal jewelry tailored to your astrological sign for personalized astral healing and amplifying your unique strengths and qualities.

Embark on Your Healing Journey

It’s never too late to start your healing journey, and with Mindful Souls' extensive collection of crystal jewelry, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to complement your spiritual path. Whether you're seeking protection, love, abundance, or balance, there’s a piece made just for you!

For those looking for other spiritual tools and guidance or hoping to grow their gemstone collection, our store has everything you may need, from 100% authentic crystals to a monthly spiritual kit, accessories, self-care goodies, and much more.  Explore our website and find your new favorite items to help you foster holistic wellness.

At Mindful Souls, each piece is thoughtfully crafted to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Let your journey begin!

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Crystal Jewelry

Are Amethyst and Herkimer Jasper compatible for healing?

Amethyst and Herkimer Jasper are compatible stones for healing. Amethyst calms the mind and promotes spiritual awareness, while Herkimer Jasper provides stability and clarity. Together, they create balance and aid in emotional and spiritual healing. Use them in meditation or wear them for daily benefits.

Can natural crystals be combined with wire for jewelry? 

Wiring healing crystals is perfectly fine as long as materials like sterling silver or copper wire are used. These are safe for crystals. Avoid materials like aluminum that may react negatively with certain crystals. Be gentle to prevent damage to delicate stones during the wiring process.

What is the best way to clean your crystal jewelry?

To clean your crystal jewelry, gently wipe it with a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the crystals. Use a mild soap and water solution for tougher stains. Dry thoroughly to prevent tarnishing. Store your jewelry in a soft pouch or crystal jewelry box to prevent scratches.

How should you wear crystal jewelry to experience the best benefits?

Wear your jewelry near pulse points or corresponding chakras for optimal benefits. For example, wear a necklace with a pendant near the heart chakra or a bracelet on the wrist near pulse points. Ensure the jewelry makes contact with the skin to absorb the crystal's energies effectively. Adjust as needed for comfort.

If you are unsure about each of the different crystal properties, check out our complete list of crystals and their meanings.

Are the crystals sold by Mindful Souls authentic?

Our gemstones are 100% natural, certified authentic, and sourced directly from their native locations, bypassing middlemen. Each stone comes with an authenticity seal from a reputable lab. We prioritize ethical sourcing to ensure you receive genuine quality at a fair price.