Reclaim your tranquility and inner peace with our hand-picked selection of soothing crystals and nurturing self-care items.

Manifest clarity with Clear Quartz, clear your aura with Malachite and invite positivity with Howlite to manifest a peaceful and happy life.

Only when in harmony can you truly be who you are meant to be!

  • XXL Giant Selenite Crystal Lamp

    Regular price $159.97
  • Buddha Essential Oil Diffuser

    Regular price $94.97
  • Larimar Nurturing Bracelet Larimar Nurturing Bracelet

    Larimar Nurturing Bracelet

    Sale price $69.97 Regular price $139.97 -50%
  • Essential Oil Diffuser - 3D Glass 3D Glass Essential Oil Diffuser
    Best Seller

    Oil Aroma Diffuser 3D Glass

    Regular price $59.97
  • Night Light Crescent Moon Lamp

    Regular price $54.97
  • Selenite Crystal Bowl

    Regular price From $51.97
  • Lotus Flower Mandala Light Lamp Lotus Flower Mandala Light Lamp
    Best Seller

    Lotus Flower Mandala Light Lamp

    Regular price $49.97
  • Peaceful Mini Zen Garden

    Regular price $45.97
  • Silver Larimar Earrings Silver Larimar Earrings

    Silver Larimar Earrings

    Sale price $44.97 Regular price $79.97 -43%
  • Silver Larimar Necklace Silver Larimar Necklace
    Best Seller

    Silver Larimar Necklace

    Regular price $42.97
  • Crystal Glass Wind Chimes Crystal Glass Wind Chimes

    Tree of Life Wind Chimes

    Sale price $41.97 Regular price $46.97 -10%
  • Natural Gemstone Solar System Set

    Regular price $36.97
  • Silk Agate Sardonyx Stone

    Regular price $34.97
  • Crystal Beauty Wind Chimes

    Regular price $32.97
  • Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl
    Best Seller

    Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl

    Regular price $32.97
  • The Gratitude Journal

    Regular price $31.97
  • Zodiac Gemstone Scented Candle

    Regular price $29.97
  • Calming Oval Aquamarine Pendant

    Regular price $29.97
  • Yoga Sound Bowl

    Regular price From $29.97
  • Tranquil Buddha

    Regular price $29.97
  • Wooden Mandala Puzzle

    Regular price From $28.97
  • Natural Selenite Palm Stone Natural Selenite Palm Stone

    Natural Selenite Palm Stone

    Sale price $26.97 Regular price $29.97 -10%
  • Seven Chakra Incense Stick Burners Seven Chakra Incense Stick Burner

    Seven Chakra Incense Stick Burners

    Sale price $21.97 Regular price $29.97 -26%
  • Heart Amazonite Stone

    Regular price $19.97