Connect to your inner self and find your divine power with our hand-picked collection of sacred gems and spiritual items.

Whenever you feel "foggy" or lost, your inner spirituality can guide
you toward the right path in your life. All you have to do is to look
deep inside!

Awaken your inner power with Obsidian, tap into your intuition with Labradorite, connect with Mother Nature with Moonstone and dive deep into the wisdom of the Universe.

When your nurture your spirituality, you find real harmony and balance!

  • Real Moldavite Crystal Necklace Real Moldavite Crystal Necklace
    Best Seller

    Real Moldavite Necklace

    Regular price $249.97
  • Gemstone Collector's Dream Box Gemstone Collector's Dream Box
    Best Seller

    Gemstone Collector's Dream Box

    Regular price $139.97
  • Labradorite Crystal Light Lamp

    Regular price $110.97
  • Rebirth Crystal Bundle Rebirth Crystal Bundle

    Spiritual Awakening Ritual Bundle

    Sale price $74.97 Regular price $85.97 -12%
  • Witchcraft Kit Box Witchcraft Kit Box
    Best Seller

    Witchcraft Kit Box

    Regular price $59.97
  • Buddha Hand Backflow Incense Burner

    Regular price $42.97
  • Mindful Subscription Box

    Regular price $39.97
  • Crystals & Cards Moon Child Altar Stand

    Regular price $39.97
  • King Size Labradorite Crystal

    Regular price From $37.97
  • Spiritual Wisdom Poster Spiritual Wisdom Poster

    Spiritual Wisdom Poster

    Sale price $37.97 Regular price $49.97 -24%
  • Moon Divination Selenite Crystal Bowl Moon Divination Selenite Crystal Bowl
    Monthly Deal

    Moon Divination Selenite Crystal Bowl

    Sale price $34.97 Regular price $49.97 -30%
  • Spiritual Chakra Guide Poster

    Regular price $32.97
  • Tree of Life Moon Magic Necklace

    Regular price $32.97
  • Buddha Orgone Pyramid

    Regular price $32.97
  • Spiritual Wooden Bead Om Mindfulness Necklace

    Regular price $29.97
  • Natural Raw Labradorite Stones

    Regular price $24.97
  • Silver Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone

    Regular price $24.97
  • Black Buddha Obsidian Stone Necklace

    Regular price $24.97
  • Seven Chakra Energy Orgone Pyramid Seven Chakra Energy Orgone Pyramid

    Seven Chakra Energy Orgone Pyramid

    Sale price $23.97 Regular price $29.97 -20%
  • Natural Black Raw Obsidian Stones

    Regular price $21.97
  • Natural Moonstone 'Full Moon' Ring

    Regular price $21.97
  • Merkaba Sandstone Necklace

    Regular price $20.97
  • Moonstone Pentagram Necklace Moonstone Pentagram Necklace
    Best Seller

    Moonstone Pentagram Necklace

    Regular price $20.97
  • Lapis Lazuli Raw Crystals

    Regular price $19.97