How to Cleanse Crystals Guide

How to Cleanse Crystals Guide


Have you ever wondered how to cleanse crystals effectively? You may know some methods of cleansing such as singing bowls, full moon, palo santo, and even tap water. This variety can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re opting to cleanse each stone after every use.

But there is one unique, powerful and convenient method.


Did you know?

Did you know that you can cleanse your crystals with other crystals? Yes! That’s how extraordinary crystals are. However, it is essential to do it right.

But how to cleanse crystals with other crystals? Which crystals should you use? And why it’s important to purify your stones?

You’ll find all of the answers below! Make sure you read through all of them, so your spiritual journey is set on the right path.


Cleansing the crystals: why is it important?

The unique crystals take on long journeys to reach you. Each transition exposes crystals to different energies, especially negative ones.

When used for wellness and self-love, crystals must remain pure and cleansed. Cleansing your stones back to a neutral state will ensure that negative energies are not passed on. You’ll also re-energize crystals and ensure that they function at their highest level.

And if you love crystals, why not cleanse crystals with crystals?


How to cleanse crystals with crystals?

Crystal cleansing has to be done right, or else it becomes a waste of time.

So, how to cleanse crystals with crystals?

There are three fundamental ways to do it:

  • Cleansing Stone Position - place your crystal on top, near or inside your cleanser stone. Make sure they touch. Your cleansing crystal’s vibrations will eliminate any inharmonious energy from your resting stone. Best done overnight!
  • Moving The Stone Around - If you have a larger cleansing stone, its powerful energy can be used actively to cleanse faster. Wave your cleansing crystal around resting stones. Around 10-15 minutes is sufficient.
  • Closed Space Interaction - Place crystals together in a bag, bowl, or box. The intense and confined field of energy will wash away any impurities. Leave it for an hour, and it is done!

But before you start cleansing your stones, you must find out which specific crystals capable of doing that.

Not all of them are suitable for the job. Let’s find out which ones are!

woman holding crystal

Best crystals for cleansing

Are you ready to meet your stone cleansers? They are truly the superstars of the mineral world!

Here are the best crystals for cleansing other crystals:

  • Quartz Cluster - This crystal is simply excellent. It aids in concentration, balances all chakras, and enhances psychic abilities. But Quartz Clusters perform most superbly as cleansers. After all, they vibrate over 30,000 times per second!
  • Amethyst - Place any form of Amethyst near your crystals. Amethyst will absorb negative energy from your stones and create an aura of tranquility in the space around you. It’s a win-win with Amethyst!
  • Selenite - Wave it like a wand around other crystals; this beautiful stone will do the rest. Selenite is even a self-cleansing crystal. What more could we ask from this excellent stone?
  • Carnelian - Because it’s a smaller stone, you might need a few of them to cleanse other stones. Carnelian works excellent in numbers and when placed in a container with other stones.
  • Hematite - A multi-functional crystal that can be charged and cleansed at the same time. Hematite is a true rockstar! Just put this stone near other crystals and it will get the job done.



Cleansed stones will start shedding away any bad vibes and negative energy around you. Let your crystals work together in harmony, complementing each other for your wellbeing. Start cleansing your crystals with other crystals - it’s the most convenient & exciting way to do it!

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Can you please advise how to use Palo Santo? I have some but unsure how to burn or what correct process should be for crystal and home cleansing
Thank you

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