How To Activate Crystals: Full Guide With 5 Actionable Steps!

For crystals and their energy to shine, you have to activate and re-charge them once in a while. Once your crystals are activated, their energy flow is refreshed, and their properties will blossom!

Today, we’re going to reveal five actionable steps you can take to active your gems!

With some of the methods listed below, you’ll be able to perform cleansing, charging, and program your crystal simultaneously! Let’s see it!

Before We Start: The Rose Quartz Example

Think of rose quartz as an example. It’s a powerful and popular crystal with healing properties and energy that can inspire unconditional love and compassion.

Using rose quartz or wearing it often as jewelry exposes the crystal to different energies, wearing its energy levels down.

You would want to keep this delicate and pure crystal activated at all times. By constantly keeping your rose quartz charged, you would ensure that the beautiful and loving properties function at their highest level.

Now, let’s find out how to activate your crystals!

Step 1: How to Activate Crystals With Aromatherapy

You probably know that aromatherapy is terrific for soothing the mind and refreshing the aura in your space. But it can also serve as a tool to activate your crystals!

There are three main ways how to do it:

Sage Smudge Sticks

Different types of sages have been a significant part of a long spiritual tradition. Ancient Romans and Native Americans used sage bundles for their medicinal properties and ability to enhance spirituality and cleanse the space.

Some sages can be used to raise vibrations and re-charge the crystals with energy.

Set the tip of the sage ablaze, and let it burn for a few seconds. After that, gently blow out the flame and let the sage smoke rise. Either waft the smoke around your crystals for 5-10 minutes or wave crystals through the smoke to activate them!


In Asia, incense has been used as early as 3300 BC for various purposes, including prayer and worship. Today, incense is more valued for its ability to infuse relaxation and stimulate creativity.

You can activate your crystals with incense, just like with sage. Simply allow your crystals to bask in the smoke for 5-10 minutes.

Palo Santo Holy Wood

Palo Santo is a sacred fragrance tree in South America that means "Holy Wood.” Rich with benefits, the palo santo wood can remove unwanted energy, drive away mosquitoes, clear the air and reduce stress. Alongside these benefits, palo santo smoke can also charge your crystals while removing negative energy from them.

Light the tip of the wood and let it burn for a few seconds. Then blow out the flame and let the smoke do its magic. Wave your crystals through the smoke and activate them with this sacred piece of nature!

crystal with sea background

Step 2: How to Activate Crystals With Nature

Nature is probably the most potent way to activate crystals. Crystals and minerals are a big part of the natural world. Let them reconnect directly with natural elements, and your crystals will get the most activation.

Sun Bathing

Sun rays will give incredible activation for your crystals! Leave your crystals under the sunlight for at least a few hours to charge them. If crystals are placed on a natural surface, even better!

Please note that some gemstones are vulnerable to sunlight. Check if your crystals are durable enough for direct sunlight. Otherwise, you can place them under the sun during dusk or dawn when the light is softer.

Full Moon

The full moon has been shrouded in spiritual and mystical lore since ancient times. Today, it remains one of the most popular and powerful ways to cleanse and activate crystals simultaneously.

Leave your crystals overnight when the skies are clear. The fully illuminated moon will cast pure white light on your crystals. Lunar and cosmic energy will infuse your crystals with long-lasting energy.

Running Water

Clean running water is known for its ability to refresh energy and wash away any leftovers of negative energy. To activate your crystals, keep each stone submerged for at least 1 minute.

This method works best when used with natural streams and rivers. While running freshwater is the best option, you can also use salt water to activate your crystals.

However, not all crystals are suitable for going underwater. Be cautious and see if your crystal can withstand exposure to water.

Step 3: How to Activate Crystals with Crystals

Just like cleansing crystals with other crystals is possible, you can activate them the same way. The only difference is that you’ll mostly need clusters, geodes, or crystals grids to do it. 

Crystal Clusters & Geodes

Crystal giants such as this Amethyst Cluster can become a charging station for your other stones.

Place your stones inside, on top, or near your cluster so the crystals touch and connect. Leave it for the day or overnight to activate your smaller crystals.

Just make sure your crystal cluster or geode is cleansed before the charging session.

Crystal Grids

Another excellent way to activate crystals with crystals! Crystal grids are an arrangement of energetically strong crystals in sacred geometric patterns.

Create your crystal grid to charge your other stones. Simply surround your stones with more robust stones in a geometric shape.

You can form these grids on any surface and with any geometric shape; simply follow your intuition!

Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals are known as energy amplifiers and are probably the most powerful stones in the mineral world.

Whether it’s a quartz cluster, quartz point, or any other type of quartz, simply put crystals together and let the quartz do the work throughout the day or overnight.

meditating with crystal

Step 4: How to Activate Crystals with Meditation & Intention

Let’s not underestimate the power of meditation and your mind! With deep breaths and the right intentions, your body’s energy can charge the crystal. And all you have to do is focus and do it correctly!

Hold the Crystal In Your Hand

Set intention for charging the crystal before your meditation and hold the crystal in your dominant hand. Proceed to meditate and visualize the charging of the crystal in any way you can.

A meditation session of 10-15 minutes should be sufficient for charging your crystal. Best done with one crystal at a time.

Step 5: How to Activate Crystals with Sound

Sound therapy and sound healing are sacred practices involving ancient instruments or vocal noises. Particular sound vibrations can release energetic blockages, recharge you and infuse harmony. The same can be applied to crystals. All you need is specific tools to do it.

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have strong acoustic vibrations that can work with any crystal’s energy patterns. Place your crystals near your singing bowl. Then strike your singing bowl gently for around 10 minutes. The sacred sound waves will cleanse crystals and activate the natural properties of your stone.

Om Chant

OM is one of the most potent symbols of spirituality. Because of its significance, it is used extensively during meditation and sometimes yoga practices.

It is usually used as a continuous sound to represent the universe and the essence of our reality. Combine Om sound with meditation or singing bowl and charge your chosen crystals in a unique and powerful way!


Are you ready to see your crystals thrive and shine? Whether it’s your healing crystals, protective gemstones, or any other type of stones, activate and charge them once in a while to keep their energy flow in top shape. You’ll be gifted by your crystal’s benefits in the process!

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