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Mindful Book Club Subscription

Monthly dose of wisdom, motivation & inspiring stories – delivered to your door.

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Ready to Start a New Chapter?

From mindfulness practices to psychology discoveries or even sustainability tips – expand your mind with top authors & thinking leaders!

Grow with Every Page

They say those who read, live a thousand lifetimes. Discover your new source of motivation in heart-warming testimonials & moving stories.

Find Monthly Inspiration

Between the pages of a book, it’s a good place to be! Make this your special moment of relaxation and self-care.

Escape from Daily Chaos

Careful, Your Life Might Never Be the Same

Over 1000 women have leveled up their lives with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and motivation.

Now it’s your turn – open your mind & expand your soul with the world’s bestselling books!

Starting from $19.97 / month


Choose Your Pace

New to spirituality and mindfulness? Take it slow with one book per month. Ready to amplify your journey? Become a self-growth master with two transformative reads a month.


  • 1 Book
  • 1 Sticker
  • 1 Bookmark
  • 1 Insert With Intro To The Book
  • 1 Affirmation Card



  • 2 Books
  • 1 Sticker
  • 1 Bookmark
  • 2 Inserts With Intro To Each Book
  • 1 Affirmation Card


Celebrating 1000 Happy Stories... and Counting!

My monthly highlight!

Every single book is just mind-blowing! I’m already on month 7 but still get excited each time a new one arrives.

—Lisa M.

I fell in love with reading

I swear this sub is what got me into reading! All the books are amazing, and I’m obsessed with the cute bookmarkers.

—Sadie H.

Perfect for book lovers!

The curation is just top-notch, and I love the idea of reading alongside this amazing worldwide community.

—Jenna T.

Careful, Your Life Might Never Be the Same

Over 1000 women have leveled up their lives with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and motivation.

Now it’s your turn – open your mind & expand your soul with the world’s bestselling books!

Starting from $19.97 / month


Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


You Subscribe

Join a Mindful Book Club with readers from all around the world! All you need to do is hit “Subscribe”.


We Ship

Each month, we pick your next life-changing read!The first book will be delivered within 2-6 days. All the next books are sent on the 7th of each month.


You Receive

A monthly dose of mind-nourishing & heart-warming pages – right at your doorstep!

Take a Look:
What You're Receiving Soon!

The Empath’s Empowerment Journal

by Judith Orloff 

The premier authority on empaths presents a daily self-care journal created specifically for highly sensitive people.

The Little Book of Self-Care

by Adams Media

This beautiful, inspiring book features 100 accessible activities that help you reconnect with your body, mind, spirit, and surroundings, and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again.

Seeking Slow: Reclaim Moments of Calm in Your Day

by Melanie Barnes

Seeking Slow provides simple ways for you to slow down and reconnect with yourself, your family, and your surroundings.

Wake Up To The Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life

by Agapi Stassinopoulos

This is your year of self-discovery, a journey to create a life filled with grace, meaning, zest, peace, and joy.

Energy Medicine: The Science and Mystery of Healing

by Jill Blakeway

The first comprehensive look at the groundbreaking field of energy medicine and how it can be used to diagnose and treat illness.

Careful, Your Life Might Never Be the Same

Over 1000 women have leveled up their lives with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and motivation.

Now it’s your turn – open your mind & expand your soul with the world’s bestselling books!

Starting from $19.97 / month


Shipping & Returns FAQS

What is the Mindful Book Club Subscription

The Mindful Book Club is a subscription service that delivers books about mindfulness, self-growth, self-care, self-love, spirituality, and more.

Each Beginner package contains 1 book, 1 sticker, 1 bookmark, information about the book, and 1 affirmation card. Each Mindful package contains 2 books, 1 sticker, 1 bookmark, information about the books, and 1 affirmation card.

How does the Mindful Book Club Subscription work?

Once you subscribe, we send you a package each month. While the subscription is on a monthly billing cycle, you are free to adjust the frequency or cancel at any time, no strings attached.

Why choose the Mindful Book Club Subscription over in-store purchases or other services?

The Mindful Book Club Subscription isn’t just about buying books—it's a guided journey into mindfulness and personal growth. We make your experience easier and more enjoyable by sending you carefully selected books, uplifting affirmations, and more bookish essentials, right to your doorstep. 

Can I customize my subscription?

At this time, the content of our subscription is pre-set to ensure a premium selection process. This also allows us to surprise you each month, enhancing the unboxing experience. However you can choose if you would like to receive 1 or 2 books per month. 

Can I cancel my subscription? If so, how?

You can cancel your subscription in your Mindful Souls profile.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly customer service team at support@mindfulsouls.com.

Our usual response time is within a few hours, though during peak periods, it may take up to one working day to receive a reply. Be assured, your satisfaction remains our foremost concern.

When will my subscription be shipped?

Your first parcel will be dispatched immediately post-subscription, typically arriving within 2-6 days. Future parcels are sent out on the 7th of each month.

Can I change my delivery frequency or skip it?

Yes! You have the option to adjust the frequency of your subscription, receiving them bi-monthly, quarterly, or at other intervals. And, if circumstances demand it, you can skip it, too!


Log into your account

Navigate to "Manage My Subscription"

Adjust to your preference.

Can I offer the Mindful Book Club Subscription to a loved one as a gift?

Absolutely! The gift of self-love is one of the most touching presents you could offer someone (and that includes yourself!). And whichever the case may be, you can cancel anytime. You're always in full control of your subscription, even when it’s a gift.

What happens if I resubscribe after canceling my subscription?

On resubscribing, we continue the sequence from your last delivery, ensuring you don't receive repeated books.

How do I manage my account details?

Any changes to your shipping address, payment info, or other account details can be made by logging into your account. Please remember to set any new shipping address as the default.

I'm having trouble managing my account; it says my email is invalid, but I'm already subscribed.

No worries. Simply create a profile using the same email you used to subscribe. This will link your subscription and store accounts. Use this link:

US: https://mindfulsouls.com/account/register

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so by:

Log into your account.

Navigate to "Manage My Subscription."

There, you'll find a simple and hassle-free cancellation option.

We understand that circumstances may change, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

How does payment work?

Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and PayPal. You'll be charged when you first subscribe, and then on the 7th of every month afterward. 

Please note that the price of your first subscription is what you'll pay for all future deliveries. 

Rest assured, your billing is automatic, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience throughout your subscription.

What happens if my credit card is declined?

As we're based in the Netherlands, some banks might classify our charges as international, even though we bill in USD. You may need to authorize international payments with your bank.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are determined by your location. You'll see these costs after entering your shipping address at checkout. Orders over $60 qualify for free shipping.

Your first Book Club parcel, shipped from the US, will arrive in 2-6 days. Future parcels will be sent on the 7th of each month at no additional shipping cost to you.

I've moved and need to change my delivery address.

No problem at all! Log in and update your shipping address in your account, and don't forget to set it as your default address. That's it, all set for your next Mindful Book Club delivery. 

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my subscription?

Your happiness and satisfaction are our main focus. If the Mindful Book Club Subscription doesn't meet your expectations, please reach out to us at support@mindfulsouls.com. We have a hassle-free return policy in place and promise to make things right for you.

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