Fashion choices for women over 45 can be frustrating. This is because the media often skips over this generation, so there are less style icons to look up to for inspiration. Also, our wardrobe needs change. We want to look fabulous regardless of our age, but we find that it’s not as easy to shop for clothing as it was when we were in our 20s and 30s.

At Mindful Souls, we understand the clothing needs of mature women. You want to look healthy, stylish, and modern, but not necessarily younger. You wear your age with a badge of honor, so that’s not the issue. For you, style isn’t about designer labels. A higher price tag doesn’t mean it’s more fashionable. Your clothing needs go much deeper, and it’s not about a specific blouse or a shoe.

Stylish women, regardless of their age, size, or shape, all have one thing in common – confidence. They are comfortable in their own skin, as well as in their clothing choices.

Each woman has her own unique style personality. Fashion is a reflection of our true identity. When we stop seeking external rather than internal gratification, is when we can truly express our style personalities. Just because something looks great on a hanger or model, it doesn’t mean that it will look good on us.

Below are Mindful Souls’ Top 5 Fashion Tips on how women aged 45+ can look and feel perfectly polished, by merely picking clothes that have the following qualities:

Premium Fabrics

At this age, there is no need to suffer for the sake of fashion. If clothing is itchy or too thick or thin, it will be unpleasantly distracting and take away your self-assurance. Clothes that feel cozy make you feel fresh and free. If it’s not comfortable the second you try it on in the dressing room, it’s certainly not going to be comfortable for the several hours you wear it to a party. Therefore, you want to look for pieces which are made of durable, high-quality materials that are breathable, stretchy, and long-lasting.

Top Pick: Mindful Souls recommends our Lace Waist Tie Midi Dress. Made of a super soft rayon, polyester, spandex and cotton mix, it’s breathable and stretchy to conform to your natural shape and flatter your figure.

Body Flattering

Don’t fall victim to fashion trends that are not flattering for your specific shape and size. You want to enhance your best body features while drawing attention away from those parts you’re not so proud of. If you are not 100% pleased with your reflection in the mirror from the first time you put it on, then it’s not the right fit. Even if you love the way your shoulders look, but you’re not crazy about the way your middle section looks, then it’s not an item you should buy. You must be happy with how your entire body looks in the outfit, from head to toe.

Top Pick: Mindful Souls recommends our Floral Print Wrap Dress. Short sleeves cover upper arms, midi length hits at the knee, and the empire cut provides a regular fit in the upper torso while being flowy on the bottom. This dress flatters all body shapes while being modest enough to cover common body flaws.

Unique Patterns and Prints

Bold accents can make a big difference and are an excellent way to express your individual taste and style. Whether it’s a beautiful pattern you’ve never seen before, an unusual but highly attractive design, or clothing that has eye-catching embellishments like beads, contrast stitching, or sequins, it can be a great confidence booster. You’ll receive a ton of compliments when you wear an exclusive item that can’t be found at a shopping mall.

Top Pick: Mindful Souls recommends our Floral Lace Midi Dress. With its cardigan-like, floral printed blouse connected to an inner black camisole, bell sleeves and jeweled brooch, there’s so much lovely detail that draws you in. It’s a classy and charming addition to any wardrobe.

Flowy Fit

There is a misconception that clothing with loose silhouettes is unflattering, which is simply not true. The key is finding clothes that flow with your figure, not clothing that appears to overflow your body. Flowy fits offer absolute comfort and freedom of movement. They can also be super flattering and breezy, without being frumpy or overly revealing.

Top Pick: Mindful Souls recommends our Daydream Midi Dress. It’s a versatile t-shirt dress that can be dressed up or down for wearing day or night. It has romantic lace detailing on the hem, with a super comfortable, flattering, flowy fit.

Pop of Color

Many women, at all ages, feel that buying clothes in neural shades is a safe bet. But basic can be boring, and adding colorful pieces to your wardrobe can enhance your mood, making you feel brighter and lighter. So, don’t be afraid of color. Find the shades that work best with your hair color and skin tone and show off your own true colors. Also, if you find an article of clothing that you absolutely adore, consider buying it multiple colors.

Top Pick: Mindful Souls recommends our Sleeveless Floral Dress, available in bright sea Green and fuchsia Pink colors. Its feminine floral lace design and delicate style make it one of the most wanted items in our apparel collection.

Women can certainly look and feel fabulous and stylish at any age. Just follow Mindful Souls tips for picking pieces that are flattering, fitting, flowy, and fun, and you’ll hit the fashion mark every time.