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Attract More Loving Energy with these Crystals for Couples
Maintaining a healthy relationship seems to be more difficult than ever. It could be negativity, differing values, lack of trust, poor communication, and so on.

Everything About Citrine Stone Meaning & More
Citrine crystal is a variety of quartz minerals that is mainly loved for its vibrant yellow hues. But how about healing properties of citrine, citrine stone meaning, a...

What Can August Birthstone Do for You?
In 2016, the month of August became one of three months to have three gems as birthstones. The selection is truly unique and exciting! But what’s the deal with these ...

Crystal Gift Guide for Every Zodiac
Are you looking for perfect crystal gifts? Why not align it with the stars, and compose a beautiful gift set that connects with a zodiac sign? Today, we’re going to r...

How to Cleanse Crystals Guide
Have you ever wondered how to cleanse crystals effectively? You may know some methods of cleansing such as singing bowls, full moon, palo santo, and even tap water. Th...

Birthstones by Month: The Complete Overview
Birthstones are rooted in deep tradition, rich history, and cultural significance. They are even mentioned in the bible. However, the birthstones we see today are not ...

Aquamarine: Crystal Meaning and Properties
There’s hardly anything more fascinating than a beautiful crystal with rich powers & delightful aesthetics. Aquamarine gemstone is exactly that with an extra punch...

Black Tourmaline Stone: Benefits and Metaphysical Properties
In the world of crystals, black tourmaline is known as the root of chakras, which means that it has direct connections to the most important parts of the human body in...

Moonstone Healing Properties and Meanings
An unforgettable ethereal crystal known for its ghostly, pearly sheen that moves under its surface - moonstone is as ancient and as mysterious as the moon itself. Know...

Obsidian Stone Meaning & Properties
A stone unlike any other, obsidian gemstone is a beautiful, glossy, and often wholly black crystal that is capable of fascinating and captivating anyone at the very fi...

The Stone of Magic: Labradorite Properties & Spiritual Meaning
If you are looking for a powerful companion to a journey of awakening, then Labradorite stone should be your top pick. It is a stone of magic, a reminder that there is...

Mood Ring Colors & Their Meanings
You’ve probably already heard that different colors can impact our emotional state. But what if we told you that a color-changing display could reflect your feelings t...

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