Quartz Crystal Family: How Well Do You Know It?

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From the beloved Rose Quartz and courageously roaring Tiger’s Eye to exotic purple Amethyst and powerful Clear Quartz and beyond - the quartz crystal family is the largest in the mineral game, but how well do you know it? In this article, we’ll explore Quartz crystal meaning, spiritual properties, history; we’ll see how they form and add some interesting facts as a cherry on top! Amp up your knowledge and dive deep into the world of Quartz crystals with us.

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What is Quartz Crystal?

Quartz is a crystal that one day decided to become the second most abundant natural mineral on Earth. Why? So, we could enjoy its stunning varieties, harmonizing energies and even use it in computer components! 

Quartz crystal is put together by nature with a simple SiO2 formula that has silicon and oxygen atoms! However, if it's so simple, where does such a variety come from?

While purest Quartz is colorless and transparent, minor impurities that change the molecular orbitals and causes electronic transitions are what give us the Quartz crystals that we all love - Rose Quartz, Jasper, Amethyst, and many others! These impurities may include lithium, sodium, potassium, and titanium.

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Did You Know? The name “Quartz” comes from the German word “Quarz,” used in the 14th century.

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Quartz Crystal History & Past Uses

Historically, Quartz crystals are everywhere, from mythological tales and medieval tools to meaningful talismans, carvings, and more - let’s break up this extensive history into two parts: ancient and modern, and briefly glimpse the past.

Ancient Quartz

Quartz's name was already circulating in many ancient cultures. Ancient Greeks called it ‘krustallos’ meaning “icy cold,” as they believed this crystal was supercooled ice. Some Roman naturalists also thought the quartz to be permanently frozen ice.

Quartz was also popular in making stone tools in prehistoric Ireland and many other countries. In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Quartz was used in a mystical substance called 'maban.' 

Jade was the most popular in Pre-Columbian America and East Asia regarding jewelry. But all of this ancient history started to change in the 17th century as we approached the modern way of thinking and discovering.

Modern Day Quartz

The modern history of Quartz crystal begins in the 17th century, with Nicolas Steno paving the way for crystallography as we know it today. He made fascinating discoveries - including the one that revealed Quartz’s long prism facing a perfect 60° angle regardless of its shape or size.

Later, Quartz's modern history was engraved in these important dates:

  • 1880 - Jacques and Pierre Curie discovered quartz piezoelectric properties.
  • 1921 - Walter Guyton Cady first developed the quartz oscillator or resonator.
  • 1923 - George Washington Pierce designed and patented quartz crystal oscillators.
  • 1927 - Warren Marrison created the first quartz oscillator clock.
  • 1930 - By this time, the electronics industry became dependent on quartz crystals. 


Did You Know? About 12% of Earth’s crust mass is quartz mixed with other minerals.

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Where & How Does Quartz Form?

Most Quartz crystals form in geothermal waters or igneous rocks. The most common way for the Quartz to develop is from cooling magma - the slower the magma cools, the larger the crystal will grow! 

Quartz that similarly grows from silica-rich water forms. Silicon dioxide dissolves in water, like sugar in tea, but only at high temperatures and pressure. Then, when the temperature, quartz crystals start to form.

As one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, Quartz is widely distributed. Some of the most notable locations are the Alps, Madagascar, Minas Gerais in Brazil, Japan, and the US!

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Did You Know? The most giant documented single crystal of quartz was found near Itapore, Goias, Brazil, weighing 90,000 lbs.

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Mohs Scale of Hardness: How Durable Quartz Crystals Are?

Quartz scores a solid 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness which means it is more durable than most other minerals but still a bit softer than popular gems like diamond and emerald. Quartz is durable enough to wear its jewelry with peace of mind, but there are a few weaknesses; prolonged exposure to direct light and high temperatures.

White Quartz is even used for kitchen and bathroom countertops which is an ultimate testimony of its durability!

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Spirituality & Metaphysical Realms with Quartz Stones

Spirituality with Quartz stones can be a powerful affair for your mind and soul. While the spiritual properties depend heavily on the type of Quartz, there’s still room to make a general overview on how Quartz can help you spiritually. 

Here are the primary spiritual and metaphysical qualities you can expect from all Quartz crystals:

  • High energy & frequencies
  • Energy amplification & cleansing
  • Powerful manifestation
  • Great healing capabilities

We’ll mention more specific spiritual properties in every Quartz variation.

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Most Popular Quartz Varieties

You’ll never get bored exploring different quartz crystal spiritual properties, formations, colors, and other elements because Quartz crystals are all about variety and freedom of choice! Here are some of the most popular Quartz crystal varieties:


Natural citrine stones have been valued since around 300 BC for their bright yellow colors and positive vibes. It most likely started as a decoration, later transitioning on rings and other jewelry - even Queen Victoria loved some Citrine on her 17th-century outfits! Citrine is also admired for its ability to spark more creativity, attract prosperity and keep the negativity at bay.

Rose Quartz

There’s something about that soft shade of pink in a piece of Rose Quartz crystal. The elegant looks, strong crystal quartz meaning, profound love energy, connection to the heart chakra, and healing properties have made Rose Quartz one of the people's favorite healing stones since ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures.


Types of Amethyst vary a bit due to color zoning. Primary hues are deep purple or light violet, and secondary colors may occur in a reddish-purple or more distinct red and blue mix. Amethyst is closely tied to the third eye and intuition, making it one of the most spiritual crystals out there.

Clear Quartz Crystal

Sometimes known as pure quartz or rock crystal, Clear Quartz is colorless and transparent or translucent. It has often been used for hardstone carvings and is loved today for its ability to amplify energy, harmonize all chakras, align subtle bodies and accelerate spiritual fulfillment and manifestation. 

There’s Certainly More.

There are many other Quartz varieties that people love to wear and use, such as Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Smoky Quartz, Milky Quartz crystal, Agate, Aventurine, Golden Rutilated Quartz, and more.

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Lesser-known Types of Quartz Crystals

We are far from over with Quartz varieties. Let’s explore the lesser-known Quartz crystals that are just as fascinating as the popular ones!


Prasiolite is green quartz mainly sourced from Brazil and Poland. Spiritually, Prasiolite has very similar energy and properties to Citrine; it’s also a stone of abundance that inspires to reach for more success!

Dumortierite Quartz

Dumortierite quartz is unique quartz, sometimes referred to as "blue quartz," that features beautiful blue color patterns. Dumortierite is believed to be a bringer of calm and harmony, assisting in stressful situations and environments.


Ametrine, also known as Trystine or Bolivianite, is a fascinating mix of Citrine and Amethyst, and it is a naturally occurring crystal! Ametrine has the best of both worlds from Amethyst and Citrine - it's a stone of both balance and serenity, abundance, and positivity.

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Did You Know? Quartz sand is used to make a specific type of glass that is mainly used in high-temperature environments because Quartz glass handles heat well.

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Quartz Crystal Uses

Whether it’s the positive Citrine or a gentle Rose Quartz, or any other Quartz crystal, they all can be used in various ways. 

Stunning Jewelry

Over the years, Quartz has been a massive inspiration for many jewelers, crafters, spiritual people, and mindfulness enthusiasts. The number of unique variations in Quartz hues and shapes makes it a stunning piece to wear, and it is one of the best ways to keep those quartz crystal benefits close. Just look at one of many Quartz jewelry pieces as an example of how beautiful it can be!

Charming Home Decor

Imagine a natural Quartz cluster like this just casually sitting on your desk and emitting high frequencies to keep your surroundings clear of negative energy. Any Quartz will look beautiful in your space and help with the energy regulation - a win-win situation! 

Spiritual Tool for Mindful Activities

Quartz crystal can be used to its full potential as a spiritual tool. Meditation with a crystal such as Rose Quartz can be incredibly calming, while a natural Citrine at your work can advance your career pursuits. With such variety in Quartz crystals, you can also build crystal grids, use Quartz crystals for Reiki sessions or mantra repetition.

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Did You Know? Smoky Quartz crystal is the national gemstone of Scotland.

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The Quartz family may be big, but it is welcoming and warm for every mindful and spiritual explorer, and you don't need to look for crystal balls and other witchy items because Quartz crystals are just as magical! Whether you prefer large crystals or small ones, colorful or transparent - try different Quartz stones, find your favorite form of quartz, wear them and work with them spiritually - you’ll quickly fall in love with them!

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