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Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet

Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet

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Soul Protection

Let the Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet light the way in your spiritual journey and guide you with protection! Within the reflection of the Moonstone you will find what is missing in your soul, and with its powers, retrieve and protect that.


Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet

 Powerful Symbol

The hexagram symbol is known as The Seal of Solomon which originates in medieval tales as a magical signet possessed by King Solomon. It is said to have the power to bind and control supernatural creatures of the divine plane.


Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet

Harmony With The Natural Cycles 

Reflecting your inner light, the Moonstone will let you search the deepest corners of your soul and promote spiritual growth. It will teach you the natural rhythms of life by harmonizing the body into the natural lunar cycle.


Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet

Open Heart To Positive Energy

It is a stone of protection that always guarantees safe travel and provides you with the strength to find the creativity through which you can truly express yourself. This bracelet will open your heart and soul allowing you to flow easily with positive energy.


Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet


Bring Courage And Love

The Moonstone Hexagram Bracelet transmits the universal energy of love and provides inner awareness. It is a jewel that will let you explore the most sensitive places within yourself and help you release them with courage and love.


Materials: Natural Moonstone, Silver

Diameter: 1.9" / 5 cm


Remember that all natural gemstones reveal their true beauty under direct sunlight.


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