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LED Poi Balls

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 Connect With Yourself

Are you a person who finds calm and usual meditation too hard? Or maybe you are looking for a new way to connect with yourself, stay grounded and learn a new skill?
Our hypnotizing LED Poi Balls might be just what you were looking for!
Poi balls are an amazing way to meditate that connects body and mind almost immediately.  It's a combination of movement, dance, and juggling. By simultaneously making different movements with left and right half of the body we train our brain.

Swinging these LED glowing balls helps to stay grounded and learn how to be in the moment and enjoy what is happening right now, right here. It's impossible to think and swing the poi at the same time; as soon as you start overthinking you make a mistake and the strings get twisted.

Like most good things, poi skills come with practice. The basics only take a few days and open up a world of possibilities. Some moves are easier than others, but even the difficult ones are worth figuring out.
Dancing with LED poi balls in the dark is hypnotizing, both for artist and spectator.  Our LED Poi Balls have an auto setting, meaning that while you are playing the colors will automatically change creating a rainbow effect.
Package includes:
2x LED Poi Balls with strings (CR1632 batteries included)
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