Hematite Balancing Bracelet

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  • Hematite Balancing Bracelet
You save: $19.00 (49%)
  • Attractive Energy

    Did this bracelet draw your eye? It's a sign! The Hematite gemstone has magnetic energy that attracts certain individuals who are ready to embrace its balancing aura.

    Hematite Balancing Bracelet

    Bring More Joy

    The Hematite crystal has a powerful ability to absorb all toxic emotions that are pushing away all the positive energy allowing you to be in your natural state of joy.

    Hematite Balancing Bracelet

    Physical Healing

    Hematite is known to regulate the blood flow in the body and maintain the charge of nerve cells. It is also used to relieve spinal problems, fractured bones, and cramps.

    Hematite Balancing Bracelet

    Healthy and Balance Lives

    This gemstone consists of iron oxide which gives it its powerful grounding properties. Wearing jewelry with Hematite can help you transform daily routine into a healthful and balanced life.


    Weight: 1.4 oz / 41.1 g

    Diameter: 2.1 inches / 55mm

    Material: Natural Hematite

    Remember that all natural gemstones reveal their true beauty under direct sunlight.
    Please note that processing time can take up to 3 daysBecause of the very HIGH DEMAND, please allow 10-20 days for delivery (to be safe).


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

These are great little bracelets. The stones are rich and vibrant. This hematite is just what I was looking for. This bracelet feels weighty, but still light enough to stack with other bracelets and wear casually. They are simple and uncomplicated, you can just throw them on and go out the door. Great purchase!


I love this bracelet. It's not too large, and it wears beautifully. I can validate that the stones are really genuine. Seem strong! I may be ordering more in the future. Very nice

Excited to try it

I have received my bracelet in a timely manner. I have been wanting to try it to help with some back strain from carrying a heart monitor around, but have been unable to wear since the bracelet is at my home and I'm not yet.

hematite bracelet

I could feel a change the moment I put it on. It's pretty fits just right. Recommend it for anyone.

I Can Feel The Change

I'm a skeptic l, try it to believe it gal. Well, Im very pleased with how I'm feeling. Mentally I'm feeling better, physically I'm getting around better. I've had it 2 wks now. I'm amazed

Love it

The piece is stunning. The stones are very beautiful and smooth. Perfect fit and goes with anything, very good quality.

Great energy!

Absolutely wonderful bracelet! Such a powerful crystal, it really fits the description. I could feel the effect straight away. Thanks!