Garnet Earrings of Tenderness

You save: $39.00 (49%)
  • Garnet Earrings of Tenderness
You save: $39.00 (49%)
  •  Protect Against Negative Energy

    Shine with the powerful energy of love and passion with these Garnet Earrings. Red Garnet brings modesty and warmth to its wearer by protecting from negative energy.

    Garnet Earrings of Tenderness

    Improve Sleep Quality

    The Red Garnet featured on these earrings, is not only a stunning gemstone but it also radiates soothing vibes. The stone controls overwhelming emotions and improves sleep quality after a long, tiring day.

    Garnet Earrings of Tenderness

    Support Positive Energy

    Wearing these beautiful earrings helps to deal with daily stress and provides you with energy by surrounding with harmony. With the Red Garnet by your side, your life will flow with the river of positive energy that heals the emotional and the spiritual body.

    Garnet Earrings of Tenderness


    Stone: Garnet
    Metal: 100% Genuine 925 Silver 

    Size: 0.8 x 0.6 inches
    Weight: 0.35oz

    Remember that all natural gemstones reveal their true beauty under direct sunlight.


    Because of the very HIGH DEMAND, please allow 10-15 business days for delivery (to be safe).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great quality

The earrings are of excellent quality and look really good. I had many compliments. The vibrations coming from the garnet gemstones are very soothing. I often feel the energy protecting me and get this calming feeling when usually I would feel quite stressed. Thanks

Love them!

What amazing quality jewelry. I always wanted to have garnet jewelry and finally, I got the perfect piece. The gemstones are with very warm and positive energy, keeps me calm and on track during my quite stressful work routine. Recommend this great quality product

5 stars

My new earrings are really beautiful. The red garnet is more than amazing with its peaceful and warming energy. I have been wearing them nearly every day and they fit with mostly everything. Excellent quality


I love garnet jewelry and these earrings are really stunning! I can see that they were very carefully and masterfully made. Excellent quality product. Very elegant and stylish.

Great look!

Very reasonable and nicely made. Would purchase again! I have been looking at these for a glad I purchased them!

garnet earrings

garnet is my birthstone, love the way they look, very stylish and great price

Beautiful earrings !

These are just delicate enough, but the garnets are substantial, and I love the decorated ear wires! If you made this style with other stones, I would seriously consider them.. I’m wearing them right now!