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2021 FEBRUARY 08


Being perfect at imperfections

I am this.

I am that. 

Oh, how easy it is to get caught in a game of self-doubt.

It’s a trap we always underestimate, a trap - that we fall into, far too often.

In school, we get taught algebra, languages, and physics. But no-one teaches us how to own our quirks and be confident in our own skin.

So we go on in life doing our best.

But of course, eventually, we encounter something that shakes us and shadders our bubble of artificial confidence.

Because, yeah - there is always someone better than us at something. There is always something we can’t or don’t know how to do. And there will inevitably be something we fail at.

So how can we be confident at all?

We try to patch the wounds and bruises - with positive words from ourselves or others.

‘You should’ve gotten that role’

‘It’s just an unlucky day’


And no matter how soothing they seem at a time, they’re not likely to increase your confidence and trust in yourself long term.

Instead, they allow us to hide behind our short-sighted perception of successes and failures - rather than embracing both as part of our journey, part of our collective being. They make our worth depend on the outcome rather than our try.

Because confidence is not about being the best - it’s not about being the prettiest or the smartest. It’s not about succeeding on your first try.

What it is about - is being yourself, real, raw, unique self. Someone no-one else could ever be.

If you fail while being yourself - you never fail. Because being yourself, loving yourself, and appreciating yourself - is a win, no matter the result someone else gives you.

And no-one can ever take it away from you.

Because it belongs to you. Only you.

Yes, it takes time to learn about yourself. To understand what is going on inside your mind, or better yet - your heart. But it is always worth it.

Start by taking time to know you. The real you.

Even if it’s just once a month - while opening the magical Mindful Souls Subscription Box.

It’s never too late to show yourself you care.

With love,




Jade is a writer who loves art, nature, and various topics that cover psychology. She can often be found reading, practicing mindfulness, or redecorating her house while listening to easy jazz. And her favorite color is aqua blue :)


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