Crown Chakra - The Full Guide

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Crown chakra or “The Sahasrara” is one of seven chakras in your body and belongs to a complex system of energies and chakras.

Sometimes, the Sahasrara chakra is described as a lotus flower with thousand petals that will make you bloom spiritually and open your energy center to universal consciousness.

We invite you to explore, balance, and open the crown chakra together with this complete guide!


Reach For Your Crown & Locate The Sahasrara

Crown chakra is the highest among seven chakras, located at the top of the head or the “crown of the head.”

Because of its location, the crown chakra is considered to have the most vital spiritual connection with the essence of life and universal wisdom.


OM Symbol

om symbol

OM is one of the most powerful symbols of spirituality. Because of its significance, it is used extensively during meditation and sometimes yoga practices.

It is usually used as a continuous sound to represent the universe and the essence of our reality. OM is probably the most sacred symbol that is effectively used in meditation. It is like a powerful mantra, a sound of the universe that connects the mind and spirit to the essence of existence.

Best used in the beginning or at the end of the practice, this chant can take your meditation to the next level!


Energize Other Chakras

It is said that crown chakra is also responsible for the energy flow through the body while keeping all the other chakras open.

A functioning Sahasrara chakra is a bridge that guides you to higher wisdom and divine knowledge.

Fill in any gaps between you and the universe, and you will eventually unlock your full potential!


Signs That Crown Chakra Is Blocked

It is more than essential to keep your crown chakra unblocked so you stay on top of your spiritual kingdom.

Several signs might indicate your crown chakra is blocked:

  • Feeling detached and uninspired
  • Being more skeptical and stubborn than usual
  • You’re becoming focused on the material world
  • A lot of things seem meaningless
  • Lack of concentration

Don’t fall into this trap and seek a higher purpose. Elevate your energy centers through spiritual practice and keep that crown chakra open to work towards enlightenment.


Overactive Crown Chakra & Imbalance in the Energy Center

crystal healing

Your chakras can also be overactive and overflowing with energy. This overflow indicates an imbalance in your energy center or a need for energy healing. Crown chakra balancing is critical since it distributes the energy flow for the whole chakra system.

There are several signs that your crown chakra is overactive:

  • Increased Greed

  • Boosted Ego & Pride

  • Decisions Made Too Quickly

  • Overconfidence

Don’t let these imbalances affect your overall well-being and your reputation.

Luckily, there are numerous ways how to open and balance your crown chakra!


Best Practices To Open and Balance Crown Chakra

Work with your physical body and use it as a tool to tune in to your crown chakra for a smooth energy flow and balance.

These are the primary practices and exercises to balance the Sahasrara chakra.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditations are focused solely on unblocking and balancing chakras through a variety of meditation techniques.

One of the most powerful ways to perform chakra meditation is visualization. While meditating, imagine light from the universe pouring into your head or a gentle glow around it. The visualized light color should be violet or white since they are the colors of the crown chakra.

You can also do guided chakra meditations which are lovely and effective.


Yoga as a whole is terrific for chakras. But there are a few specific yoga poses that work directly with your Sahasrara.

  • Vrikshasana or Tree Pose is one of the oldest yoga poses used to balance the body and chakras. Pressing your hands together and raising them above your head will stimulate crown chakra energy.

  • Shirshasana or Yoga Headstand is another classical exercise that works directly with your head area and strengthens your body’s connection to your crown chakra.

The OM Chant

OM symbol is all about the essence of reality and universal consciousness, just like the crown chakra. Singing OM is a perfect exercise to enhance your crown chakra energy levels to unblock it.

It is a sound of the universe that will fill your whole being with cosmic energy and elevate your spirituality to new heights!


Consider Using Spiritual Crystals & Jewelry

chakra crystals

Spiritual items such as natural crystals and chakra jewelry can become essential for balancing all chakras.

Items such as this 7 Chakra Energy Generator are specifically crafted, shaped, and composed of crystals that will work with all your energy centers.

More specific crystals for crown chakra include:

  • Labradorite - the mystical and cosmic properties of Labradorite are a perfect match for the Sahasrara chakra. Labradorite enhances all upper chakras and inspires you to explore the unknown within the mysterious labyrinths of the consciousness.
  • Amethyst - the purple colors and protective energies of Amethyst stone will keep your crown chakra stable and protected.
  • Clear Quartz - amplify energy flow with one of the most powerful crystals in the world. The pulsing quartz frequencies will easily unblock your highest chakra.



Always go towards divinity, the source, and the higher potential. Only with a balanced and thriving crown chakra will you be able to achieve enlightenment and improve critical aspects of spirituality, personality traits, and more.

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