October Birthstone Guide: Meet Your Gemstones & Know Their Properties

opal & tourmaline crystals

Those born in October can enjoy two incredible gems as their birthstones - Tourmaline and Opal! A lot of exciting information, characteristics, properties, and spiritual benefits surround these two beautiful stones.

In this quick and easy guide, you’ll find the essential information about October birthstones and how they can help elevate your spiritual development and overall wellness.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this October birthstone guide, and let’s meet your October gemstones!


October Birthstones: Origins & Interesting Facts

Opal (Modern Birthstone)

In early times, opal was a rare find and prized highly among royalty fascinated by its beautiful coloring. Whether it was ancient Greeks or Romans, opal was always known as a “stone of changing colors”and a “play of a rainbow.”

Opal’s rare appearance ended in the 19th century when vast deposits were unveiled in Australia. This is where 95% of the world’s precious Opal is produced today. And that’s why Opal is Australia’s national gemstone!

Tourmaline (Traditional Birthstone)

Tourmaline history often begins with a mention of the Dutch East India Company. The traders started bringing tourmaline stones to Europe because of the increasing demand and a need for gemstones. Besides being used in jewelry and other crafts, tourmaline was also used by chemists in the 19th century.

One of the interesting facts is that the tourmaline was sometimes referred to as the “Ceylonese Sri Lankan Magnet” because of its ability to attract and repel hot ashes thanks to the stone’s pyroelectric properties.


Opal & Tourmaline: The Dance of The Colors

opal crystal

Opal and tourmaline gemstones are both incredible artworks of nature. Their mixed composition allows them to appear in changing and different colors.

Let’s see how those colors dance in both gemstones:

Opal - The Ultimate Rainbow Stone

Opal boasts a unique appearance in the mineral world. The color spectrum of opal stone is a marvelous thing, and it’s unlike any other gemstone.

A single opal stone can display moving and changing patterns within its interior colors. Think of blue, green, purple, yellow, red, pink, or any other color combinations imaginable - all in one opal stone! Opal is uniquely classified as a mineraloid and is a hydrated form of silica which allows for this dance of colors to happen.

Please note that there are two classes of opal - precious and common. And only precious Opal can have this play of color.

Tourmaline - The Nature’s Artwork

Tourmaline is also a stone of multiple colors with a complex group of minerals in its composition. The main difference is that tourmaline doesn’t change colors; instead, it separates itself into different stones such as the famous black tourmaline.

Other tourmaline color variations include green, blue, yellow, pink, red, or colorless. Pink tourmaline for example is colored by the trace element manganese.


Mindful Properties of October Birthstones

tourmaline crystal

Opal Properties

Opal is an emotional stone and is believed to reflect the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions and enhances cosmic consciousness while stimulating intuition and insight. Opal can be a powerful addition to your spiritual practices.

Due to its changing colors, opal is also heavily linked to creativity and spontaneity. Wearing opal jewelry or meditating with this stone can inspire you to embark on new creative projects and ideas!

Tourmaline Properties

Tourmaline properties depend on the color. Black Tourmaline, for example, is famous for its protective abilities against negative energy. Meanwhile, green tourmaline is for self-growth and new beginnings.

Pink tourmaline is the most gentle one, bringing a touch of compassion and love to one’s soul. And if you are looking for some more grounding in your life, purple tourmaline can help!

Don’t hesitate to explore all the different colors and their meanings; you’ll indeed find a tourmaline that speaks to your heart the most.


Balance All Of Your Chakras With Opal or Tourmaline

spiritual woman meditating

Balancing chakras is one of the most important aspects of spirituality. All the different hues in opal and tourmaline will allow you to work with any chakra.

Opal Stone & Chakras

Opal is incredibly fantastic for balancing chakras. The changing color spectrum and high vibrations can respond to any chakra in your body.

Wear opal or hold it in your hands during meditation and visualize the preferred chakra area in the body or its color. You’ll remove any blockages and keep that chakra balanced.

Tourmaline Stone & Chakras

With tourmaline stone, once again, it depends more on the specific stone and its color. Pink Tourmaline is linked to the heart and crown chakra because of its compassionate energy.

Black or purple tourmaline stones can work mainly with the root chakra since they are protective and grounding gemstones.

If balanced chakras are something you seek, October birthstones can help!



From ancient mystics to a modern gem society in the united states, opal and tourmaline are still some of the most beloved gems out there! If you’re in search of extra support or looking for a little more push in your spiritual development, opal and tourmaline can be wonderful. And you don’t have to be born in October. However, if you are, these two gemstones can truly become special and personal for you. These birthstones or their jewelry also make a perfect gift for someone born in October!

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