Magical Healing Talisman

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  • Magical Healing Talisman
You save: $72.00 (50%)
  • Positive energy

    Surround yourself with positive energy and improve your well-being with the help of magnetic healing powers.


    Magical Healing Talisman


    Magnetic therapy


    Magnetic therapy has been around for years. Not only does it help with physical strength but it also helps your mind find the harmony it needs. This type of healing has been used by shamans for years since it is based on a holistic approach to health where everything is interconnected.


    Magicl Healing Talisman


    Improve health


    The Magical Healing Talisman collects magnetic healing energy. The energy spreads throughout the body and increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation & improves metabolism.


    Magical Healing Talisman


    Let your mind and body find balance!


    Not only that, but the pendant is also used for improving your daily mood, it helps reduce your anxiety and tends to insomnia.

    Rope Chain Length: 22.04 inch / 56 cm
    Base: Magnetic Sticker and Copper Coil
    Inside: Rainbow Quartz, Metal Shavings, Japanese Resin
    Pendant Size: 1.45 inch / 37 mm


    Because of the very HIGH DEMAND, please allow 10-15 business days for delivery (to be safe).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews

I absolutely love my magical healing talisman! The moment I put it on I felt it’s power in my neck are and even started experiencing the sensation of buzzing at my crown chakra. Not only is is beautiful but it really does distribute its power throughout the body. I will never take mine off and have been feeling in better spirits since wearing it! I highly recommend this product!

Thank you mindful souls for this beautiful and healing pendant!

Blessed with Gratitude

I'm not one who embellishes on leaving reviews UNLESS the product or services exceeds my expectations and that it does!!! The intricate craftsmanship is UNBELIEVABLE & MindfulSouls was nothing short of an amazing company to do business with.... I cannot Express my gratitude that I have for this Talisman and making this purchase a delightful experience....


It's a very beautiful piece. Not too large and gaudy but not too small. Eye catching and has a very nice adjustable cord. Loved the carrying pouch it came with to keep it safely stored.

It's Gorgeous!

I could see by the images it was going to be a great piece to wear and use in my healing practices. Once I received this piece I could see it was so much more beautiful that I could have imaged. The first thing I did when receiving the necklace was to place it on a piece of Celenite for a couple of hours for cleansing. Then I wore it during a couple of energy session where I could hear more clearly the messages from my clients loved ones who passed over. I felt the energy was magnified to a point of comfort and greater access to light while it felt easier to call in more of my own power. I can't say enough good things about this piece. I will be buying more of these necklaces as gifts for family and friends (and maybe even a few clients). Thank you for offering this amazing piece. Dawn

Magical Healing Talisman

It's absolutely beautiful...I could feel the energy the minute I put it on. The picture I took is done without a flash...I always take my pictures without using a flash. I swear I can actually see the energy coming out of it.

I absolutely love my talisman

It took a while to receive it but it was definitely worth the wait. It's so beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful

This has to be my new favorite, I love it and wear all the time. So many complements too. I feel amazing wearing it
Thank you,


I can't believe how stunning and big it is! It's so beautiful!

Even more beautiful in person

I thought it is impossible for it to look as good as it did in the picture but after I got it in the mail I was stunned by how beautiful it is.
I simply can't take it off!

Feeling better each day

I've been feeling sluggish lately so I decided to order this pendant and ever since it arrived I've had a big boost of energy
Not only that but the pendant seems to help me be less anxious in stressful situations! It looks stunning and is a great pick-me-up!