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2021 JUNE 3

Taurus: Who Are They?
Inside the Taurus Zodiac

taurus zodiac sign

One of the most hard-working, reliable, responsible, and devoted people or simply stubborn and possessive? Maybe a little bit of everything?

Let’s find out!

In this blog, we’ll dissect the Taurus horoscope (in a very general kind of way) and talk about the compatibility with other zodiacs, Taurus personality, and much more.

We’ll also reveal some of the most famous celebrities born under this sign (they will prove that hard work truly pays off!)

taurus astrology

Taurus zodiac sign, Taurus dates & more

Taurus month stretches between the two: late April and early May, a period when Taureans are born.


Taurus is one of the most noticeable and oldest documented constellations in the sky. Descriptions of the constellation date back to the Bronze Age and Greek Mythology, where Zeus transformed himself into a white bull and carried the princess Europe to Crete. This is how the mighty bull became the Taurus symbol.


It is also an Earth sign that Venus rules, a planet that governs beauty, love, and wealth.

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Taurus traits & personality

Taurus is someone who harvests the fruits of labor with pride! Making money is usually easy for them, and this can make them materialistic with views and beliefs based on wealth. One of their strongest traits is endurance to stick to their goals and choices until total personal satisfaction is reached.


But it’s not all about work for them!


Taurus enjoys sensual experiences, physical pleasures, and surroundings enhanced by love and beauty. Planet Venus gifts Taureans with tender nature which makes them excellent lovers, artists, cooks, or gardeners.


If there’s anything to worry about Taurus’s character - it’s their stubbornness. Their inability to change their mind or compromise can lead to bad fights and arguments with others. It might take a while to make Taurus angry, but if they do go mad - watch out!

hiking mountains

Taurus' passions & interests

When it comes to Taurus’ passions and interests, the planet Venus plays a significant role once again. Taureans love indulging in luxurious massages, SPA treatments or simply laying in bed with their lover for hours.


Let’s not forget that Taurus is also an Earth sign which makes them outdoor enthusiasts. Taureans prefer spending time in nature, whether it’s hiking, birdwatching, fishing, or simply a leisure walk in the park.


Their physical needs are best met by slow-paced sports such as weightlifting, golf, or yoga. If the sport makes them look aesthetically more appealing - even better!

couple sea

Taurus’ compatibility & relationships with other signs:

Gemini: the relationship between Taurus and Gemini can be very complicated due to a variety of factors. One of the main things that Taurus would miss in Gemini is their lack of need for physical touch.


Libra: both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus; therefore, this relationship can be exceptional. But to make it all work, both will have to build enough tenderness and understanding between them.


Aquarius: this one is a strange and challenging connection. While both zodiac signs appreciate the excitement of love, there’s only a small possibility that they will get to the point where they fully understand each other.


Cancer: this is one of the most suitable matches. Taurus and Cancer can quickly fall in love and will hardly find a reason to separate. They share strong emotional goals for family, romance, and love.


Pisces: both Taurus and Pisces can blossom with each other. The romance, good vibrations, and love are at an all-time high when these two are together. Taurus will also enhance their creativity while Pisces will make them a bit softer.


Scorpio: Taurus and Scorpio will embrace the deepest physical pleasures in their own unique way. However, there will be no platonic ways to enhance their romance. Because physical pleasure is the main focus, it might lead to a possessive and toxic relationship.


Capricorn: complementing each other in a variety of ways comes easy for Taurus and Capricorn when they are together. Their relationship might seem boring from the outside, but their activities are exciting and usually hidden from others. Both zodiac signs can motivate and inspire each other to form an unbreakable bond.

zodiac necklace


Taurus: because of their sensual nature, the relationship between the two Taureans is something that can be cherished for a long time, but only if mutual stubbornness and unwillingness to open up are defeated.


Virgo: for this to work, Virgo will have to be flexible and patient. The clear heart of Taurus and the clear mind of Virgo can make this work wonderfully if they are willing to learn from each other.


Sagittarius: Taurus and Sagittarius might seem like a perfect duo because of how they perceive life. However, Taurus is an Earth sign which is the slowest of all signs and needs Earthly pleasures. This can be a highly complex relationship because Sagittarius is the fast, changeable, and fiery zodiac.


Aries: many internal issues will have to be solved for Aries and Taurus to work. This relationship is full of challenges due to their respective individual depths. Only if both accomplish inner peace and listen to each other, they might work out their differences.


Leo: finding balance is key for Leo and Taurus. Their relationship is challenged by their completely different natures; however, they can really enjoy each other’s company if they are patient with one another.

smiling woman

Taurus Celebrities

If you ever wondered if Taurus is truly hard-working and strong, just take a look at this inspiring list of famous Taureans!

How about actors such as John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Henry Cavill? That’s some power right there!

Female celebrities such as Adele, Megan Fox, and Cher definitely achieved fame beyond imagination through their determination and hard work.

Best Crystals for Taurus

By using appropriate crystals, Taureans can enhance their strengths and tackle their weaknesses.

Here are our top 3 crystals for the Taurus zodiac sign!


  • Malachite is a perfect stone for a stubborn Taurus. This crystal will assist in changing situations and provide much-needed spiritual growth! It will also alleviate stress from all the hard work Taurus is doing and draw out any physical or emotional impurities.

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  • Rose Quartz will enhance the tender nature of Taureans and make them even better lovers and partners! However, the constant need for sensual experiences, physical pleasures, and love may also leave Taurus with emotional wounds or fears - these wounds can be cured with Rose Quartz’s healing energy.

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  • Citrine crystal will attract wealth and prosperity to make sure all that hard work is providing real results! Citrine will also encourage Taurus to be more generous and share good fortune with loved ones or charity.

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End Mantra:

‘Nothing worth having comes easy’


Whether it’s that mountain top with amazing views or the car they have always dreamt of, Taurus is a strong sign that can achieve anything in life! Nothing worth having comes easy - and Taureans should know that very well. This mantra is especially powerful with proper spiritual growth and mindfulness - the balanced mind and soul will make all the work and Earthly pleasures come along easier and more naturally.

Written by Jade


Jade is a writer who loves art, nature, and various topics that cover psychology. She can often be found reading, practicing mindfulness, or redecorating her house while listening to easy jazz. And her favorite color is aqua blue :)


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