Routine Fatigue

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routine fatigue

2021 JANUARY 7


Do you feel like you fell into a rabbit’s hole?

Remember the time when weekends meant countless adventures? You and your best friends exploring the city, going to the cinema with your family, or having a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant with a loved one?

Yeah, those good old days.

Now I find myself looking back to them more and more, thinking of every single time I said ‘no’ to a trip to a dance bar or a poetry reading in town.

Because now there are no invitations to say no to.

The world has changed. So much. There are no concerts, no travels, no bowling alleys that would be safe to go and enjoy like we so carelessly and freely did before.

Now we stay home.

For a very good reason. Indeed.

Oh, but how to escape the vicious cycle of work-food-sleep? 

There’s still the same things to be achieved - getting groceries, cleaning the house, taking care of yourself and your family, but now with much fewer moments of pure spontaneous fun and a little more fear in our hearts.

Hell, I even took up some weird new hobbies to escape my routine fatigue. Who would have thought I’d be into fried-kimchi-sandwich-making. Not me … (please send help or at least some new recipes)

But that didn’t really do the trick. Shocker, I know. I did make some delicious dinners, but that was about it.

What I really need - is that moment when your chest fills with air, and your heart beats as if you were running a race. All while grinning ear to ear from excitement.

Or in simpler, less dramatic words - something joyful to look forward to. Like a sequel to your favorite movie coming out soon or an annual picnic in the park with friends as the night sky is lit by the full moon.

Do you get what I mean? Does that sound a little something like you too?

Well, fortunately, there’s something we can do about it. Something entirely awesome, cool, and safe.

No more waiting. No more boredom or routine fatigue.

There’s a new, each more and more exciting surprise waiting for you every month. Dare you take a look?

With love,



P.s. have you taken up any unusual hobbies this year?



Jade is a writer who loves art, nature, and various topics that cover psychology. She can often be found reading, practicing mindfulness, or redecorating her house while listening to easy jazz. And her favorite color is aqua blue :)


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