Gold Titanium Energy Pendant Gold Titanium Energy Pendant Gold Titanium Energy Pendant Gold Titanium Energy Pendant Gold Titanium Energy Pendant Gold Titanium Energy Pendant

Gold Titanium Energy Pendant

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More energy, boosted vitality and better health!


Scalar Energy is the Energy of the Future! And now, thanks to the high-tech Japanese technology, you can achieve better health and greater vitality, by neutralizing negative energies and re-charging your body's energy field with the right energy frequencies using the Scalar 3xEnergy Pendant.

Gold Titanium Energy Pendant


Positive effects


Excellent, gold-tone Scalar Energy pendant that features three unique energy balls on the back which combine to provide important Germanium, far infrared (FIR) and magnetic (negative ions) energies. ✓ Germanium is able to "correct" and facilitate the flow of the body's bio-energy, hence, increasing energy levels, and relieving pain and stiffness.

Far Infrared stone (FIR) rays gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detox the physical body, as well as the mind. 

Anion helps to restore body cells, strengthens the immune system, relieve pain.

Gold Titanium Energy Pendant


Keep it close


Just by wearing or carrying this pendant in your pocket, you will slowly begin to feel the effects of its protective shield, which enhances the body's natural defenses against the damaging radiation coming from cell phones, WiFi routers, and other household appliances.

Gold Titanium Energy Pendant

To use the pendant therapeutically, place it directly on the affected bodily area (e.g. knee, back, shoulder, ankle, etc.) to relieve stiffness or soreness.


🎁This pendant comes with the negative ion charge certificate nicely packed in a box. Makes a great present for anyone 🎁



Metal Type: Gold Titanium
Negative Ions Energy Rate: 500CC
Weight: 3.17oz / 90g


Mindfulsouls company has had taken action to ensure the safety of the Scalar Energy Pendant users. All the pendants have been tested using a Geiger counter to ensure they are free from dangerous materials and below acceptable radiation limits. 


Because of the very HIGH DEMAND, please allow 2-5 days for delivery (to be safe).


Please note that handling and delivery usually take 7 to 18 days. It’s 100% worth the wait as you’ll receive a unique, high-quality, handmade piece, which is not massively produced for major retailers and isnot available to the general public.

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