What Can August Birthstone Do for You?

What Can August Birthstone Do for You?

peridot sardonyx spinel crystals

In 2016, the month of August became one of three months to have three gems as birthstones. The selection is truly unique and exciting!

But what’s the deal with these birthstones? Can they benefit you in some way? Or are they just a perfect gift for someone interested in zodiac signs?

Combining your birth month with the particular stone can be a powerful way to convey different things. Think of spiritual symbolism, mindfulness, or simply highly improved style!

In this article, we’ll take you on a quick 5-step journey and reveal why August Birthstones can be special for those born in August.


Before We Start: Let’s Meet & Greet The August Birthstones


It was ancient Egyptians who first recorded the existence of peridot stone back in 23-79 AD. They called peridot “gem of the sun.” In ancient Greece, it symbolized prosperity and meant “giving plenty.” In Hawaii, they called peridot a symbol of the tears of the volcano goddess. Since then, peridot remains cloaked by rich folklore and is loved for its pretty green glow.

The bright green colors of nature are associated with harmony, good health, and tranquility. Peridot is known as the stone of compassion that gives renewal to all things. The best thing about this stone is that peridot looks fantastic in any jewelry and with any attire!

Peridot measures around seven on the Mohs scale and is quite durable. However, some peridot crystals can be prone to cracking during cutting. But the finished gemstones are durable enough to be worn a long time.


Sardonyx gem blends layers of sard and onyx—two types of the mineral chalcedony. The result? A unique stone striped in reddish-brown colors! The sardonyx gemstone is linked to the Persian city “Sardis,” where the red stone was discovered.

This gem was first used as a talisman in battles for Romans and ancient Greeks. Later, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance times, it was popular in jewelry among regular folks and elites. Sardonyx symbolizes strength, protection, and courage!

On Moh’s scale, sardonyx is around 6.5 and requires gentle care.


When it comes to spinel, vivid red is the most desirable color. However, spinel also has violet-blue, pale pink, yellow and mauve colors.

Historically, spinel was often mistaken for sapphire and ruby. But it was always valued by the emperors and kings. Even Crown Jewels of England have a few spinels in them! Spinel is also recorded to be used in compass magnetizing as early as the 11th century.

Spinel is believed to be a source of inspiration for more physical energy, health, and longevity.

Now, let’s see how August’s birthstones contribute to mindfulness, wellbeing, and even style!


Step 1: August Birthstones Can Inspire More Self-care and Self-love

August birthstones are more than just gems that align with this month. Each of them has a healing property that connects with your zodiac sign and your energy.

They can serve as a way to cleanse and purify your aura. The natural energy found in August birthstones can ease stress, boost confidence, and keep relationships stable. August birthstones also have some other unique features.

Peridot, for example, can charge water (to drink or bathe in) and detox the skin. Peridot can also be incredibly harmonizing if used in meditations or other spiritual practices.


Step 2: August Birthstones Can Enhance Your Spirituality

August stones enhance spirituality

Back in ancient times, these three birthstones were already valued for their spiritual and wellness benefits. And if you are born in August, these stones will have extra special meaning for your spirituality.

  • Peridot is excellent when it comes to attracting more positivity, good fortune, and clarity in life. It is a stone that will give you a solid foundation for inner stability. Crack that heart chakra open and let in some pure light with peridot!
  • Need some extra motivation to get things done? Trust sardonyx just like ancient warriors did. Being spiritual also means being confident and strong.
  • Set aside your ego and become more devoted to your relationships, helping others, and being better as a person. Spinel will assist you in having more compassionate energy and emotional stamina!

Enhancing mindfulness can be done in a variety of ways, regardless of the chosen birthstone option. Maybe all three works for you? Wear them as jewelry, carry the stones with you or use them in spiritual practices to get the most out of them.


Step 3: August Birthstone Jewelry Can Improve Your Style

One of the most fun parts of scouting your birthstones is exploring endless jewelry options.

There are three main reasons why August birthstone jewelry will undoubtedly improve your style. And get you more compliments along the way!

  1. Timeless Fashion. Ever wondered why gemstone jewelry is still here since ancient times? The beautiful thing about it is that they are highly sustainable and can last a lifetime! You can always express yourself with your birthstone, no matter the latest fashion trend.
  2. Natural & Elegant Touch. Nothing feels and looks better than wearing natural gems. Looking gracious and elegant is an easy task with birthstones. Just pick the stone that means the most to you, and it will look good regardless.
  3. Great Versatility. Whether it’s for your evening look or work attire, birthstone jewelry will work with anything. Peridot gem is exceptionally versatile and beautiful for any occasion.


Step 4: Birthstones Can Help You Connect To Yourself Astrologically

Connect To Yourself

By embracing your August birthstones, you’ll connect to your zodiac sign more. For both Leo and Virgo, all three birthstones can reveal their strengths and help tackle weaknesses.

Being a Leo is not always easy. Everyone expects a great leader and a courageous friend. Therefore, they usually receive a lot of attention, whether at a party or at work. But this attention and spotlight can be a reason for an inflated ego and even high stress. Sardonyx birthstone is perfect for Leo’s zodiac sign to remain strong and confident!

Virgos are detail-oriented, intelligent, and logical thinking zodiacs. Their expectations are nothing less than perfect, especially from themselves. They also love learning new things and exploring new possibilities. However, it can be challenging for a Virgo to deal with failure, even if it’s a minor one. If you seek to connect August’s birthstone with Virgo’s traits, then peridot is perfect. It will give more inner stability to handle failures and clarity for logical decisions.


Step 5: August Birthstones Can Align With Your Energy

On the energetic level, birthstones are more important than you might think. They are aligned with your energy and higher consciousness.

Once you have them, your August birthstones will quickly become personal to you. They can help connect you to your deep inner-self. With this comes the confidence in knowing yourself better. And that new confidence is what can make you truly successful.

If you’re born in August, any spiritual work done with your August birthstones will be at a much higher level.


Conclusion: Represent Yourself with August Birthstones

There’s nothing in the mineral world that will represent you better than your month’s birthstones.

If you’re born in August, then peridot, sardonyx, and spinel will genuinely become a special trio. Work with these stones, wear them as jewelry and connect to your higher potential. Birthstones are here for a reason, and so are you!

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