Everything About The Purple Amethyst Crystal

Everything About The Purple Amethyst Crystal

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Alongside Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Citrine, Amethyst is one of the most beloved and popular crystals out there. And if you're looking to expand your knowledge on this excellent stone, you're in the perfect place to do so!

In this blog post, we'll reveal Amethyst crystal meaning, history, metaphysical properties, benefits, chakra connection, and so much more! Read on and become a crystal expert and a spiritual storyteller!


A Glimpse into Ancient Times & Amethyst History

Amethyst stone is among the wealthiest gemstones in terms of history. Amethyst jewelry was used as early as 2000 BC and has even been mentioned in the Old Testament.

Its name originated from the ancient Greek word "Amethystos," meaning "not drunk," as Greeks believed it protects one from drunkenness. It was one of the reasons why bishops often wore Amethyst jewelry.

Ancient Egyptians used the crystal a lot for intaglio engraved gems, while European soldiers wore Amethyst for protection during medieval times.

All of this is just a tiny glimpse of Amethyst's history, as it is entangled in many folklore stories, mythology, and real historical records.

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Amethyst Stone Structure & Characteristics

Amethyst is a variety of quartz crystals and a silicate mineral. Its rich purple colors emerge due to iron, irradiation, and transition metals impurities.

This variety of combinations result in a complex crystal structure and gives Amethyst a pretty look and a durable profile at the same time.


Durability & Moh's Scale

The Mohs scale shows mineral hardness and the scratch resistance of crystals and stones through their ability to scratch softer material in a qualitative ordinal scale, from 1 to 10.

Amethyst stone has a score of 7 on Moh's hardness scale, a number indicating longevity, and that Amethyst jewelry can be used extensively. In general, it's a durable crystal as long as basic care and precautions are followed.


Where's Amethyst Crystal Sourced?

The lovely purple stone is found worldwide - from Siberia and Sri Lanka to Brazil, Uruguay, and beyond! But is there a difference where the crystal is sourced?

The superior grade of Amethyst comes from Siberia. It is called "Deep Siberian," with a primary purple hue of around 75–80%, 15–20% blue, and (depending on the light source) some secondary red hues.


Amethyst Color Zoning

You may be thinking that Amethyst is all about that rich dark purple color, but there's a little bit more to its color play. 

Its primary hues are deep purple or light violet, and secondary colors may occur in a reddish-purple or more distinct red and blue mix.

Gemologists grade the Amethyst crystal by evaluating its color, including details such as clarity and visible inclusions. Overall, the deeper the shade of purple quartz, the better the quality of the Amethyst!

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Amethyst Metaphysical Properties: The Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality is mysterious, exciting, and liberating, yet, often it seems that a spiritual awakening is hard to achieve. With Amethyst stone, you'll bridge that gap between you and the spiritual realms because your third eye will start to awake.

Amethyst is closely tied to the third eye and intuition, making it one of the most spiritual crystals out there. The metaphysical properties of the Amethyst can shift the perception of reality and keep the third eye chakra balanced - to boost not only intuition and inner wisdom but also avoid anxious and depressive feelings.


Main Amethyst Benefits For The Body, Mind & Soul

Those inspiring and metaphysical Amethyst properties translate to benefits for your body, mind, and soul! Whether you wear Amethyst jewelry, meditate or sleep with it, these benefits are all yours if you welcome some purple Amethyst into your life:


The Amethyst stone features energy of contentment that will wash away the daily pressure and set you on a much more relaxed and stress-free life. This crystal nurtures your intuition and allows you to create an aura of calming vibrations.

With intense energy that boosts your decision-making, the crystal keeps your mind sharp and helps you break through any negative patterns in life - even addiction. This crystal will empower you to have ultimate trust in yourself and let your spirit flow on a much more positive vibe.


Are negative thoughts and memories not letting you concentrate or prepare for an important meeting? Break these negative energy patterns and shield yourself with a spiritual barrier. And that's why Amethyst is beloved among the spiritual community - for its unique metaphysical properties and an ability to soothe and protect the mind simultaneously. 


While not proven scientifically, some claim that Amethyst crystals can aid physical healing. Some of the main properties include:

  • enhancing the immune system
  • improving endocrine function
  • improving the skin's appearance
  • promoting digestive health
  • reducing headaches

Some of these benefits may be tangible, but there isn't any concrete scientific research and proof behind these claims.


The Purple Connection: Amethyst Stone & The Crown Chakra

Amethyst crystal has another special thing going for it. And that is a direct connection with your sacred energy center, also known as the crown chakra.

This connection may be a game-changer to your overall spirituality and wellbeing as the blocked crown chakra can be responsible for:

  • Feeling detached and uninspired
  • Being more skeptical and stubborn than usual
  • You're becoming focused on the material world
  • A lot of things seem meaningless
  • Lack of concentration

Get that purple connection going, and don't let ego get in your way too much. There will be more harmony in one's wisdom when the crown chakra is healthy and active!

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Amethyst Birthstone Meaning & Astrology

Purple Amethyst stone also enjoys fame in the world of Astrology as the birthstone of Aquarius - a zodiac sign born in February.

Amethyst stone meaning is extra special to those born under this sign. It is known to balance emotions with intelligence, and it may also help Aquarians get in touch with their inner selves and teach them to trust their intuition. 

Whether it's a giant Amethyst cluster or a subtle Amethyst ring, it can be a significant gift for someone born in February! 


Amethyst Uses

One of the best things about Amethyst is that it can be used in various ways due to its vibrant looks and spiritual significance. Here's how you can use Amethyst in your everyday life:

Amethyst Jewelry

Wearing Amethyst jewelry is a beautiful experience as the purple stone will blend into any space, attire, or situation. 

If you're thinking about the elegant side of things, Amethyst Ring like this will accompany you gracefully. And if you're looking to wear something for your spiritual practice, a Natural Amethyst Pendulum Necklace can be a unique and powerful choice!

You can also step into the world of luxury with an emerald-cut Amethyst ring! 

Home & Workplace Decor

Amethyst clusters, geodes, points, and similar free-standing shapes make a lovely decoration. Not only will you adore your surroundings with great visual aesthetics, but you'll love the feeling of peace and protection.

Amethyst in Feng Shui Practice

Amethyst stone is also famous in Feng Shui practice. It is known to activate Qun (Wealth & Prosperity) area in the Feng Shui Bagua Map - primarily because of its relation to purple (yes, another purple connection!)

To locate the Xun, or your wealth area, stand at the front door of your home and find the far left corner. Place natural Amethyst crystal there to engage in Feng Shui practice, elevate your financial freedom, and invite more abundance.


How To Cleanse & Care For Natural Amethyst Crystal

To keep the Amethyst meaning profound, its energy firm, and the vibrant looks shining, the purple Amethyst crystal must be cleansed and adequately cared for.

How to care for Amethyst:

Amethyst can be damaged in many ways - from abrupt temperature changes and prolonged exposure to intense light to hydrofluoric acid and alkaline solutions. Avoid these things to keep your stone in the best shape possible.

If you need to clean the stone, it can be safely done with gently warm soapy water. Steam cleaning is not recommended as high-temperature heat can fracture Amethyst crystals.

Store Amethyst jewelry in any box to prevent unnecessary scratching or accidental damage.

How to cleanse Amethyst:

While there are many methods to choose from, not all are suitable for Amethyst. Here's the list of cleansing methods to use and avoid:

  • Use running or saltwater for easy and safe cleaning. Amethyst is perfectly suitable for submerged under saltwater or left for a minute under running water.
  • Avoid cleansing Amethyst in sunlight as it may fade the color and damage the surface. But if you are keen to cleanse it this way, try to do it at dusk or dawn when the light is soft.
  • Use the sacred plant Sage and waft the smoke around your Amethyst for a minute to cleanse your Amethyst safely and quickly.



Now that you're familiar with the Amethyst stone's meaning and know how to care for it don't hesitate to wear it daily or use it for your spiritual needs. You'll quickly see and feel why it is one of the most valued gemstones in the spiritual community!

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