Aquamarine: Crystal Meaning and Properties

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There’s nothing more fascinating than a beautiful crystal with rich powers & delightful aesthetics. And aquamarine stone is especially intriguing; it’s like an ocean in itself - deeply enriched with blue-green colors, healing waves of energy, historical aspects, interesting lore, and more. The soothing seawater colors gave crystal its name, and the aquamarine properties inspired many ancient cultures. Let’s dive into the aquamarine crystal meaning and explore its fascinating features in 4 easy steps!

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Before We Start: A Glimpse Into Aquamarine Stone Myths & Lore

Besides its energy and healing properties, the natural aquamarine stone has a side shrouded and enriched by myths, legends, and rich lore while backed by real-world history. From Romans and Greeks to Sumerians, Hebrews, and various Medieval cultures - the Aquamarine stone always held an essential meaning through all historical eras.

One of the Roman legends reveals that aquamarine stone absorbs and preserves the atmosphere of young love by being worn and blessed.

For Egyptians and Sumerians, the Aquamarine crystal symbolized happiness and eternal youth. Joy and love are what we all seek. Maybe the powerful aquamarine properties are the answer?

The aquamarine gemstone was also believed to grant safe passage across stormy waters or even make soldiers invincible.

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Did You Know? Middle Age writers proclaimed aquamarine stone the most effective “oracle” crystal.


Step 1: Aquamarine Crystal Meaning, Name Origins & Birthstone Information

The Aquamarine gemstone name origins come from its lovely translucent clarity and colors of bluish-green. Aquamarine combines the Latin words “aqua” and “marina", meaning water and sea.
The aquamarine crystal meaning might have an even more significant impact for those born in March. This beautiful crystal is the birthstone of March and enhances the astrological signs of this month.

The aquamarine birthstone is easily the most popular March birthstone. It helps with emotional healing by washing away negativity, pain, and anger and replacing them with a new wave of peace, love, and joy.

It is also worth mentioning that aquamarine stone is a member of the beryl mineral varieties, just like the beloved emerald, and those turquoise colors make Aquamarine gemstone a stunning piece of jewelry!

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Did You Know? The largest aquamarine stone was found in Brazil, weighing 243 pounds.


Step 2: The Revealing Heat Treatment

The spirituality and different aquamarine meanings were not the only things that attracted collectors to this stone throughout our long history.

Different hues of Aquamarine were popular at different times in history - especially for aquamarine jewelry fans. These days, it is undoubtedly the relaxing blue color that is the most beloved! That’s why heat treatment became a thing - to unveil the real aquamarine stone beauty.

Many raw aquamarine stone pieces go through heat treatment to get closer to their true colors - the vibrant ocean-like blue. Clarity is also improved along the way. This aquamarine color change and improvement are permanent without damaging the crystal’s structure or energy patterns.


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Did You Know? The records of aquamarine protective amulets and decorative jewelry date back to around 500 B.C.


Step 3: Aquamarine Properties & Crystal Energy

Aquamarine stone is perfect for restoring peace and balance in your energy fields. By wearing or having this crystal nearby, you’ll be able to summon waves of positivity that will point you towards major life changes and rejuvenation to the mind and body.

But the vibrant energy of Aquamarine gemstone does not stop there. The strong energy of the stone is also linked to the throat chakra. A boost in self-expression and communication is guaranteed!

Along with activating the throat chakra, the energy of the aquamarine stone can also connect to your heart chakra. By opening your heart, your energy supported by the blue crystal will lift up your love and compassion to new heights.

And who knows, you just might summon those nautical tales of stormy seas back so you could conquer them in your own way!

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Did You Know? The largest cut Aquamarine gemstone is named Don Pedro and can be seen at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.


Step 4: Aquamarine Healing Properties

Aquamarine crystals can also deliver various healing properties besides the strong energy that can work with multiple chakras. The aquamarine stone has been evolving for millions of years - you’re in the hands of an experienced professional!

Aquamarine stone is one of the best healing crystals out there. By cleansing and purifying your energy fields with aquamarine crystal, you will receive an overall emotional aid, a sense of harmony, and stress relief.

Let’s not forget that our bodies are around 60% water - bonding with this crystal is a natural and easy process.

The aquamarine crystal is also known to have a cooling effect due to its association with water. The deeper layers of the gemstone can help you heal painful or inflamed spots by placing the aquamarine stone over those areas.

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Did You Know? Aquamarine stone is mined at high elevations of up to 15,000 feet.


Extra Step: A Powerful Meditation Tool

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your mindfulness exercises, such as meditation, then the beautiful aquamarine gemstone shouldn’t be overlooked.

Just like it led sailors through rough seas and calmed waves, It is believed that aquamarine stone also guides meditators to their core of spirituality.

Meditate with aquamarine, and feel how the soothing energy hugs your heart and throat chakras and expands your soul’s awareness. Allow this gemstone to help you access more profound levels of your meditative states so you can explore and discover new inner wisdom stored within you.

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Our quick 4-step journey concludes here. Be curious and explore the aquamarine metaphysical properties, healing benefits, and how it looks on your outfits! Aquamarine can be a perfect companion daily because it is one of the most durable crystals - it has a score of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale!

We all need some inner peace in these challenging times -
let the raw aquamarine stone become your guide to new realms of tranquility and wellness.

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