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Move Over, Diamonds - This Monthly Self-Love Box Is A Girl’s New Best Friend

Spending multiple months’ rent on a questionably-sourced rock is a thing of the past. For women today, the viral favorite new form of self-care comes is the hand-curated offerings of the Mindful Box.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

“Every kiss begins with…”

For the past few decades, every woman has grown up bombarded by the notion that diamonds are the highest form of luxury, and the ideal gift.

Receiving one was seen as the epitome of an act of love, and buying one for yourself posed as the ultimate act of self-care.

The knowledge that the vast majority of those diamonds were unethically sourced, and that the only thing making them “valuable” was capitalism? Swept under the rug.

But women today have woken up to the commercialization of self-care, and the revolution has begun.

And at the front lines of that mindful mutiny are the minds behind the Mindful Box, who created it with one desire:

For women to have access to the mindful, hand-curated, ethical self-care they deserve.

Making Luxury Mindful Again

Luxury has been so commercialized over the past few decades that we’ve been programmed to think it has to be two things:

Mindless and exorbitantly expensive.

But in recent years, women have begun to break out of that societal conditioning.

While past generations might have seen diamonds as a man’s sincerest show of love…

Women today want a mindful gift that’s as unique as they are - a gift that’s:

💌 Curated with loving intent

🌱 Ethically sourced

🍵 Artisanally crafted

🕯️ And nourishing to both their bodies and souls

Mindful Souls, the creators of Mindful Box, are women who understand the evolving landscape of what luxury means to modern women.

Diamonds Are Once In A While…The Mindful Box is MONTHLY

Mindful Box is a monthly subscription box, meaning that you’re not just giving the special woman in your life some luxurious gift once

But every month.

And Mindful Box’s offerings aren’t just items, but luxury experiences.

Within each box, you may find:

✨ Natural crystals

✨ One-of-a-kind gem jewellery

✨ Aromatherapy & incense 

✨ Gem-infused skincare

And much more, all hand-curated with one thing in mind:

Treating a woman to the mindful gift she deserves without subscribing to the tired, commercialized, societally-programmed vision of “luxury” she’s grown out of.

So no, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend any more - but an artisanally made Kyanite Ring or an evening by the fire with some tea & 6,000-year-old incense might be. 

So, Is Mindful Box Right For Her?

If she is deserving of being honored, adored, and treated with both luxury and respect for the ways in which what she loves has evolved…

Then YES!

And that’s every woman.

Diamond Quality, Crystal Cost

It should never be about the cost when it comes to treating yourself, or someone else, to self-care.

At $39.97, each monthly box is packed with $100+ in hand-sourced, handmade luxury goods. 

That’s less than a diamond…even less than a dinner at a nice restaurant.

And instead of her wondering whether or not that diamond was mined ethically, or the dinner turning out undercooked and overpriced…

She receives gifts that will last her a lifetime and reflect the unique, thoughtful nature of her own soul.

How can they afford to keep $100+ of artisanal, hand-crafted goods at such an accessible price?

Sheer will. Founded by women, for women, Mindful Souls believes that every woman deserves luxury without harsh markups…

Like the ones jewelry stores place on diamonds, which are literally a dime a dozen!

Real Women, Real Stories

Real women are sharing their joy over Mindful Box all over social media, from TikTok to Facebook. Take it from them:

Self-love is the key...

Kristin N.

You NEED to subscribe this for yourself. Self love is the key. I am completely hooked. I have given crystals for housewarming gifts and have given my son what I call the worry stone! LOVE IT

I look forward...

Carianne C.

I look forward to my box every month. I love how the jewelry is not only spiritual but looks professional and classy as well. I wear some pieces of Mindful Souls Jewelry every day. 💜

I adore it...

Renee P.

I love this months Lapis Lazuli ring! It is the first one I've gotten from MS and I adore it. It has definitely invited lost of compliments. Thank you for my monthly happiness box!

I have recommended...

Sharon H.

I love my subscription box! Everything in it is relevant and keeps me mindful. I have recommended this to a few friends and they love it as well. I can't wait until my next one!

I loved everything...

Laura B.

I loved everything in this box, the Tiger's Eye bracelet, the crystal quartz necklace, the Rain Song essential oil and all other items. My next box is shipping soon, I can't wait!

They say crystals meant for...

Isabella S.

This clear quartz around my neck came in my second mindful box. They say crystals meant for you find you, and that really rings true for this beautiful piece of quartz.

Give Her The Thoughtful Gift

When you give Mindful Box, you’re not giving an over-commercialized “idea” of love…

You give the gift of self-love.

You show her how unique she is to you by giving her a gift as unique as she is…

And she gets luxury as thoughtful as you.

Mindful Subscription Box






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