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Could the Mindful Box Be the Way Forward From Tragedy and Loss? It Was For Jennifer, Ginger, and Tammy…and It Could Be For You Too!

By Grace Miller    |    5 MIN. READ

The challenges just kept on coming. I didn’t see a way out until I discovered Mindful Box…

If you’ve suffered loss, tragedy, or discouragement, you are not alone.

“I’ve lost so many friends and family members this year…my mental health has been in the garbage…”

“I was only getting by because of therapy and time with my husband. I knew I couldn’t hurt this bad for much longer.”

This is just part of Jennifer’s story. She had been feeling “blue” for so long that she was beginning to wonder if she’d ever pull out of it.

Ginger’s story is similar:

Two years ago I almost died…learned how to walk again and have had so many injuries and setbacks…

And Tammy? Well she lost her fiance…

But the beauty in all of these ashes is the Mindful Subscription Box.

Despite going through loss, challenges, and despair, each of these women found Mindful Souls at EXACTLY the right time.

Here’s how Kathy explained it:

Definitely worth the money...

Kathy F.

Just got my 2nd box and am in love with all the items I’ve received so far. Each box has been spot on to things that have helped me with what I was dealing with - almost like u guys can read my soul. Definitely worth the money spent every month.

What Is The Mindful Subscription Box & How Does It Work?

The Mindful Subscription Box is a personally curated self-care box designed to help you on your spiritual growth journey.

Each month, the Mindful Subscription Box is delivered to your doorstep. It contains 6-8 items such as guru-selected authentic crystals, gem jewelry, aromatherapy, and natural beauty products, talismans, affirmations, and other self-love and self-care items.

How Is It Different From Other Subscription Boxes?

Mindful Subscription Box contains only high quality, natural crystals and jewelry - no colored glass or resin stones.

Who wants a cursed “Indiana Jones” talisman with bad juju? Mindful Souls sources all their items themselves, using ethical practices. And they never use middlemen, which means you’re getting the best price on high quality of the items.

Each box contains guru selected items which are designed to:

Kick-start or magnify your spiritual journey

Enhance your meditation and healing practices

Increase your knowledge about crystals and their unique properties

Reduce stress and grow in mindfulness


Remember Jennifer? The losses she suffered had nearly incapacitated her. She was having trouble finding happiness in anything…until she discovered Mindful Subscription Box:

I’ve received two boxes from u guys now, and it’s helped tremendously. For one it’s like Christmas morning opening it, not knowing what I’ll get, but knowing it’s going to be great. And another, it’s seriously like you know my situation and exactly what I need. Everything I’ve gotten has been absolutely perfect…

And she’s not the only one. Over 100,000 happy customers demonstrate how thrilled people are to be growing in spirituality, enhancing their mindfulness, and reducing their stress.

Self-love is the key...

Kristin N.

You NEED to subscribe this for yourself. Self love is the key. I am completely hooked. I have given crystals for housewarming gifts and have given my son what I call the worry stone! LOVE IT

I have recommended...

Sharon H.

I love my subscription box! Everything in it is relevant and keeps me mindful. I have recommended this to a few friends and they love it as well. I can't wait until my next one!

I have been subscribed for...

Ethan G.

I can’t tell you enough how satisfied I am with every box. I have been subscribed for close to a year now. Thank you for enriching my life, household and soul.

They say crystals meant for...

Isabella S.

This clear quartz around my neck came in my second mindful box. They say crystals meant for you find you, and that really rings true for this beautiful piece of quartz.



Use code: FIRSTBOX15


Mindful Subscription Box Is:

  • A Way Forward – If you feel stuck like Jennifer, Ginger, and Tammy did, Mindful Box can help you move through (and out of) the pain. 
  • A Self-Love Gift to YOU – Don’t forget to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup!
  • A Great Way to Grow Spiritually – Kick-start or enhance your journey to enlightenment, freedom, and protection.
  • The Perfect Gift For Friends & Family – Remind them that they’re loved, worthy, and deserving of spiritual growth.


All that (and more!) can be YOURS with the Mindful Subscription Box!


Special offer: 15% OFF Reader Discount

Use code: FIRSTBOX15

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