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A Journey to Happiness After A Pregnancy Loss: I Finally Started To Forgive Myself and Heal

By Chloe Johnson   |    5 MIN. READ

“That was the beginning of my self-love journey…”

I was lying on the bathroom floor, sobbing…


Somehow, I always end up there - red faced, tear soaked, sitting on the cold tile floor. 

The last time I found myself on the bathroom floor, I was crying for my twice-broken heart. I had lost a much-wanted pregnancy. Then my 10-year relationship crumbled under the weight of our grief. The result? My heart - broken - for both of the loves I’d lost.

To be honest, I haven’t been the same since then.

When I lost my pregnancy, I felt like my body betrayed me…

And that’s when I started to hate myself.

Every day, I thought mean thoughts about myself. I punished myself with too much wine. I ate too much, or sometimes nothing at all. I stayed up late, scrolling and filling my heart with envy.

I was jealous of others’ happiness. I hated what my life had become. And my self-hatred grew and grew, until one night it just exploded…

And that’s how I ended up on the bathroom floor.

Sure, I was sad, grieving, jealous…

But what really hurt was realizing I’d betrayed the most important relationship I’d ever have…

The one relationship that will ALWAYS be with me, night and day, 24/7, for the rest of my life…

My relationship with myself. 

I needed to forgive my body. And I needed to forgive myself for spiraling out of control.

But how?

And then my eyes suddenly flickered over to the towel closet. 

I remembered a gift I’d stashed there…I’d been too angry to open it when my friend Cassie had sent it to me…

But this time, I opened the box.

On top, I found a candle and a bath bomb. And I started with that - a candlelight bath, crying and beginning my journey of forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-love.

The rest is history! Because that night was a turning point in my life.

That unassuming box, full of mindfulness and self-love treasures, was the beginning of my journey to finally loving myself…

It was so hard! The journey to loving myself has been long...

But it all started with that small act of kindness - just opening the self-love box.

I found that as the boxes came, month by month, my heart warmed toward myself

Every month, my Mindful Souls Subscription Box is a reminder to slow down, be patient with myself, and love myself just a little bit more. 

My journey toward self-love began with that simple gesture from Cassie - the Mindful Souls Subscription Box. Now I’m sending the Mindful Souls Subscription Box to friends in need, just like Cassie did for me!

Just opening the box feels like...

Alisa D.

I look forward to it EVERY MONTH! Just opening the box feels like self care.

Curated by a guru to help you kickstart or magnify your spiritual journey

Serves as a monthly reminder to take time for yourself

Includes a variety of crystals, gem jewelry, beauty products, affirmations & more

Encourages self-love and mindfulness

Why Mindful Souls Subscription Box?

  • Includes 6-8 Curated Items In Every Box

    Each month, the Mindful Box is delivered right to your doorstep. It contains items like genuine crystals, jewelry, aroma goodies, spiritual talismans, natural beauty products, affirmations, and other self-love and self-care items.

  • Encourages Self-Love & Self-Care

    Sometimes self-love doesn’t come naturally - it has to be cultivated. So when your Mindful Box arrives, you remember to invest in you! Items like gem jewelry help attract unconditional love, while crystals rewire negative thought patterns. And beautiful talismans spark joy!

  • Loved by 100,000+ subscribers

The Mindful Box has already amassed a huge following…and for good reason! It’s full of genuine, ethically-sourced items like crystals and gemstones. There’s no middleman, and no colored glass or resin stones. Plus, you get a free lifetime shipping with your subscription, and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked!


Finally take care of you!



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