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Women Are Finding Empowerment In An Unlikely Place - A Box

This monthly mindful subscription is helping women feel self-empowered through daily rituals & luxury hand-curated offerings.

All too often we think that it’s the BIG events in our lives that will make us feel empowered.

Getting that raise, running a marathon, reaching a certain follower count on social media…sure, they’re empowering, but moments like those are few and far between.

What adds up to be far more impactful in a woman’s life are her daily opportunities for growth.

Little rituals of self-care and self-reflection, practiced consistently. 

But all too often, especially in such a hectic world…

Those daily moments in which a woman can look inward and devote attention to herself can FEEL few and far between. 

Just slogging through the desert of responsibility can be hard enough - you don’t have time to look for an oasis, much less sit down and enjoy it.

And without time for introspection, growth, and self-care, it’s hard to nurture your soul.

But one mindful subscription box is helping women find their oases…

…and their power.

The Mindful Box.

Finding Self-Empowerment…In A Box?

Mindful Souls, the minds behind Mindful Box, are on a mission of, well…mindfulness

Founded by a mother desperately seeking a path to self-love and reconnection, the Mindful Box was crafted with one thought in mind:

To help women find empowerment through daily rituals of mindfulness and self-love. 

The Mindful Box is a monthly curated box of offerings from all corners of the globe, each sourced and selected with mindful intent. 

From aromatherapy, to one-of-a-kind jewelry, to handmade small-batch skincare

The Mindful Box’s offerings are curated for the various ways in which they help women find…

🍵 Calm

🧘‍♀️ Connectedness

🌱 Growth

💌 Love

And through those things, come to find their power.

Not Just Items - Empowering Experiences

Crystals for confidence:

💎 Bronzite – removes hesitation⁠

💎 Carnelian – raises self-worth & courage⁠

💎 Citrine – boosts optimism & self-esteem⁠

💎 Pyrite – strengthens willpower & assertiveness⁠

💎 Sunstone – nurtures leadership abilities⁠

💎 Tiger's eye – enhances decision making⁠

If there’s one thing we as women know, it’s that self-love and growth are not always a destination:

They’re roads - highways we travel for the entirety of our lives.

And sometimes, finding the onramp can be daunting.

The Mindful Box’s curations are selected with intent to not just be items, but calming, centering, empowering experiences.

Some of the things you might find in your Mindful Box include:

Crystals - A gift from the earth below our feet, crystals have powerful properties, from quartz’s healing to amethyst’s calming. 

Handmade Gem Jewelry - We are at our most empowered when we respect our uniqueness - these handmade, often one-of-a-kind pieces will reflect your one-of-a-kind soul.

Aromatherapy - With a history that spans nearly 6,000 years, incense has long been used for everything from relaxation and meditation to cleansing of homes. 

Gem-Infused Skincare - From carnelian-infused body scrub to agate-infused face cream, their luxury, handmade skincare adds mindfulness to your morning or evening routine.

Made By Women, For Women…

Mindful Box is a monthly subscription box, meaning that the first step on your journey to your inner power (or giving the gift of it to a sister in your life) is as simple as:

Ordering Mindful Box for an extra 15% off your purchase using FIRSTBOX15 (only while supplies last!)

Receiving your Mindful Box to your door, and…

Reconnecting with yourself in your monthly mindful oasis!

…ALL Women!

Is Mindful Box right for me, or for the women in my life?

Yes! Mindfulness is for all. 

Whether a single mom struggling between jobs & night classes…

Or a grandmother longing for growth, and reconnection to herself in this part of her life’s journey…

Or a teenager struggling to stay afloat in a sea of changing, growing up, and figuring out the world…

Mindful Box is for all of the women in your life, because self-empowerment is for all of us.

Investing In Yourself

Like you, every box is unique.

The greatest investment we can make is in ourselves.

Unfortunately, luxury self-care often features luxury price tags.

It’s marketed by rich influencers who haven’t worked a day in their lives, and costs a whole week’s worth of a normal woman’s salary.

Mindful Box wants to change that, by making luxury self-care accessible to all women.

At $39.97, each monthly box is packed with $100+ in hand-sourced, handmade luxury goods

But how can keeping the box accessible be affordable to the company?

Mindful Souls doesn’t believe in exorbitant markups. 

And, with their 15% discount on your first box (CODE: FIRSTBOX15)…

Luxury self-care has never been so caring on you or your budget.

Join The Mindful Sisterhood

With women of all ages and all walks of life raving about the ways Mindful Box have helped on their path to confidence and self-empowerment, it’s no wonder that it’s going viral.

Joining the Mindful Box sisterhood means finding a vibrant, welcoming community of like-minded people sharing their stories all over social media.

I feel my box was meant for me…

Kristin N.

You NEED to subscribe this for yourself. Self love is the key. I am completely hooked. I have given crystals for housewarming gifts and have given my son what I call the worry stone! LOVE IT

I look forward...

Carianne C.

I look forward to my box every month. I love how the jewelry is not only spiritual but looks professional and classy as well. I wear some pieces of Mindful Souls Jewelry every day. 💜

I loved everything...

Laura B.

I loved everything in this box, the Tiger's Eye bracelet, the crystal quartz necklace, the Rain Song essential oil and all other items. My next box is shipping soon, I can't wait!

They say crystals meant for you...

Isabella S.

This clear quartz round my neck came in my second mindful box. They say crystals meant for you find you, and that really rings true for this beautiful piece of quartz.

Your Power Is Waiting…Within Mindful Box

There’s no time like the present, and no present like empowerment…

Whether you’re just starting your own journey, or giving a loved one the gift of loving themself.

Don’t spend another day craving your oasis - find it. 

In Mindful Box.

Mindful Subscription Box




Use code:FIRSTBOX15


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