Newly Divorced & Kid Leaving Home: How I Found a New Purpose

After 18 years of putting all of my loving attention toward others, I realized I had no idea how to be mindful & caring toward myself. But everything has changed with the Mindful Box.

When my husband and I got a divorce, it was my daughter’s senior year of high school.

After 30 years of marriage, divorce took a huge emotional toll.

But I had my daughter to worry about. Between helping her through finals, preparing for her move to college, and making sure she felt loved & supported through the divorce, I had no time to dwell on my own emotions. 

But then in the blink of an eye it was autumn, and she was starting her first semester at college

And for the first time, I was alone in an empty house - alone with my thoughts & emotions.

Sage isn’t as interested in the contents of the Mindful Box, but her self-care time is sitting in the box itself!

At first it sounded like a dream. No husband or daughter to cook for, clean for, spend all of my emotional energy on…

(Other than my cat, Sage - but she’s pretty low-maintenance.)

I could do whatever I wanted. Watch my favorite show that he never wanted to watch, eat food Iliked, have a glass of wine in the bathtub instead of spending my evening helping with math homework…

In theory, it sounded great. 

Except I quickly realized I had no idea how to self-care.

“You just need to treat yourself!” my sister would say. 

“To what?” I asked. 

“Something that brings you joy!”

But then one morning after he left, I woke up with a light inside me.

I suddenly had this hunger to heal and find my truth.

How I found the Mindful Box

What brought me joy? I’d spent so long on other people’s joy that I didn’t know the answer to that question. 

I desperately craved an oasis, a way to reconnect with myself. I wanted to relearn how to be present and mindful with me

My daughter had downloaded TikTok for me, so while I watched videos late one night, I saw one that made me stop scrolling. 

Little did I know that my midnight purchase would be the best one I ever made.

Labradorite is called “The Stone of Magic” for a reason - it inspires peace & tranquility. After my divorce, I definitely needed some of its magic

The Mindful Box arrived on my doorstep a few days later

(I’ll admit, I was really relieved that it did - you know how it is buying things online! I was worried because it sounded too good to be real.)

The Mindful Box is a monthly self-love subscription box filled with items that are:

💌 Curated with loving intent

🌱 Ethically sourced

🍵 Artisanally crafted

🕯️Nourishing body, mind, and soul

I’d never given myself a gift like this before. Sure, I’d bought myself things, but this was more than just a collection of artisan items - it was an oasis. 

It was exactly what I needed: a reminder to take care of ME.

After a few months of subscribing, I’ve found that the Mindful Box is never the same experience twice.

I have a routine for “mindful day” (what I call the day my box arrives):

I turn on calming music (lately, Enya), get into my comfies, make myself some matcha tea, and I dive into my Mindful Box.

What do I find in the Mindful Box?

Within the box, I find:

🔮Crystals whose properties help me tune in with myself, from love to calm…

🕯️ Incense & essential oils to center me through the aromatherapy practices…

📿Gemstone jewelry as unique as I am…

💎All-natural skincare to nourish my body as well as my mind…

And so much more.

But one thing that is always present in the Mindful Box is human connection.

Treating myself to mindful, inner-journey guiding, self-care aiding gifts is one thing -

But knowing a real, like-minded person thoughtfully curated it for me?


For 30 years with my husband, and 18 years with my daughter, I spent all of my energy caring for others…

And now the Mindful Box means someone is caring for me. 

Plus, with their community of over 100,000 happy customers and private Facebook group 

of over 6,000 like-minded people, I found a community of others like me…

…whoshare in my joyof relearning to love myself.

Everything in it is relevant...

Sharon H.

I love my subscription box! Everything in it is relevant and keeps me mindful. I have recommended this to a few friends and they love it as well. I can’t wait until my next one!

Thank you for enriching my life...

Ethan G.

I can't tell you enough how satisfied I am with every box. I have been subscribed for close to a year now. Thank you for enriching my life, household and soul.

I look forward to my box...

Carianne C.

I look forward to my box every month. I love how the jewelry is not only spiritual but looks professional and classy as well. I wear some pieces of Mindful Souls Jewelry every day 💜

I am completely hooked...

Kristin N.

You NEED to subscribe to this yourself. Self-love is the key. I am completely hooked. I have given crystals for housewarming gifts and I have given my son what we call the worry stone. LOVE IT!

So how much did it cost me?

After my divorce and my daughter leaving the nest, I’d have paid an arm and a leg for peace of mind…

…and I’d have paid just about anything to love myself again.

Luckily, The Mindful Box fell within this empty-nester’s budget. 

Just $39.97 a month for a priceless experience? 

For luxury, hand-curated goods that would have cost me $100+ a month?

For a sense of community in the most turbulent, lonesome time of my life?

Yeah, it’s worth every penny. 

The creators of Mindful Box understand what it is to crave a safe haven.

That’s why for a limited time, they’re offering it at 15% off. 

And that’s why I’m giving everyone I know gift subscriptions this holiday season.


You deserve the love you give others. Start your journey!



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