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If you want to cast your most powerful manifestation yet, try using Rhodonite, Blue Kyanite, and Lapis Lazuli together for the perfect flow. Rhodonite will unblock your heart chakra to do some deep healing. As the stone of the throat chakra, Kyanite will make sure that you’re able to speak up for your dreams. Lapis Lazuli will help you to connect to divine knowledge through your third eye chakra. 

Happy manifesting!

Lapis Lazuli Crystal PointLapis Lazuli Crystal Point
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point
Pink Crystal Rhodochrosite PointPink Crystal Rhodochrosite Point
Pink Crystal Rhodochrosite Point
Starting at $15.97
Blue Kyanite Crystal Energy StoneBlue Kyanite Crystal Energy Stone
Blue Kyanite Crystal Energy Stone
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