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Solar System Bracelet

Solar System Bracelet

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Solar System Bracelet 

Throughout our lives, we create our own little worlds, our own galaxies, and universe. We build up relationships with other people and share our energy with them. Become the Sun of your own Solar System wearing all eight planets around your wrist with this Solar System Bracelet.
Solar System Bracelet

 Find Your Soul Purpose

Eight natural stones represent each planet of our Solar System:
Neptune represented as Lapis Lazuli - prized since antiquity for bringing awareness of the soul and spiritual purpose in life.
Solar System Bracelet

Stones of Magic And Happiness 

Uranus stands as Aquamarine - valued as a symbol of youth and eternal happiness.
Saturn - Labradorite - the stone of magic and curiosity. 
Solar System Bracelet

 Strength Giving Stone

Jupiter - Tiger Eye Stone - believed to help remain grounded, calm and centered.
Mars as the Red Agate - for ages was used to strengthen willpower.
Solar System Bracelet

Build Your Relationship And Find Peace

Venus - Gold Foil Bead - it is believed that Venus and Earth create a Golden Relationship which describes beauty and harmony.
Mercury goes as White Jade - has been believed for its power to make feelings calm and peaceful.
Solar System Bracelet

 Stress Support

Our beautiful Earth represented by Blue Emperor Stone or Blue Jasper - known as the "supreme nurturer". It's believed to sustain and support during times of stress and bring a feeling of wholeness.
Even our planet's best friend Moon goes as Opal - known by filling the hearts with compassion and encouraging a gentle resolution of any painful memory.

Solar System Bracelet

Essential Oil Diffuser

Finished with Blue Sandstone, Copper Stars and Lava Stone Beads (only in adjustable bracelets) which can be used with essential oils as a great alternative to toxic perfumes. Just a few drops of your favorite oil makes the aroma last all day!
Lenght: 7.9 inch / 20 cm

Remember that all natural gemstones reveal true beauty under the direct sunlight.

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