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Roaches & Root Chakra, both start with R ...

Roaches & Root Chakra, both start with R ...

This week has been Rough, with a capital R!

I have had to temporarily move out of our little 2 bedroom apartment due to a roach infestation. I have never experienced anything like this … I don’t do insects at the best of times but roaches are the WORST!!! I haven't been to work all week, I haven't done any yoga and my new crystal is at the studio … My kids are staying with their dad, for now, which has really left me with a lot of time on my hands, in the evenings once I have done all the packing, moving, cleaning …  I don’t mind admitting that I have been feeling such anger and loss of control as I am working on getting these feelings under control through balancing and cleansing my chakras.

This week has just made me realise how out of whack my root chakra is so leading on from my last post thinking I needed to get my root chakra balanced I have taken time out to do just that ...  After all my research I came up with 6 ways I was going to start balancing and cleansing my root chakra.

Here are my six easy tips to balancing your root chakra:

  1. See red. Seriously, just begin picturing the color red glowing brightly at the base of the spine, is the beginning of root chakra cleansing and balancing. Imagine this red light extending down your legs and feet, grounding you to the earth.
  1. Dance, close the door and move your body, it doesn’t matter if you can’t dance. This is one of the best ways to balance this chakra. To make this even more effective,  turn up the music and sing along, as singing cleanses your throat chakra for an added bonus.
  1. Get on your yoga mat. Many  yoga postures are designed to cleanse this chakra. My favorite is the tree pose. You can use your ‘seeing red’ visualization as you firmly plant your entire left foot onto your mat and bring your right foot up into tree pose. Keep your hip points squarely ahead and your toes tucked in as you place your foot anywhere on your leg besides your knee. Be creative and make your tree pose your own. You need to feel supported and connected to the earth as you hold your tree pose for 5 to 8 breaths before switching sides.
  1. Take a shower. This is such a wonderful root chakra cleanser. We are physical animals while also being intelligent, thoughtful beings. Embrace and love your physicality by being completely present as you wash your body.
  2. Take a mindful walk. Concentrate on your foot leaving the ground and connecting to the earth again with each step. You’ll give your mind a break and cleanse your root chakra at the same time.
  1. Get a pedicure, or give yourself one. I had to throw this one in. My grandmother often said, “you can always tell how well a person takes care of themselves by how they take care of their feet.” This might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but loving your feet and taking the time to pamper your physical body are great ways to also care for your root chakra energy.

I find chakras are complex and fascinating. The root chakra is often thought to provide energy to other chakras, so if it’s blocked or unbalanced, your other chakras are facing the same problems. Just like a building, making sure that your chakras have a firm foundation, with a balanced root chakra. A balanced root chakra is essential to having a healthy, open chakra system. Begin to feel confident, stable and physically alive as you tap into your own renewable energy via a balanced root chakra.

I’ll need this renewed energy as I unpack more bags and probably have to remove more roaches than I care to think about.

Now that I have seen such positive results from just a few simple activities to balance my root chakra, I am going to work my way through each chakra, and hopefully I will discover more healing. I’d love it if you learnt along with me :)

Tomorrow, I am going to start looking into the second chakra, the sacral chakra.

I feel a bit weird chatting away and not getting any feedback, so please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts :) Let's grow together. 

Please continue with me on my journey of peace and fulfilment.

Wishing you light and love xxx



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  • Great article❤️ My children recently went to go live with their father as well. I have been working on my heart chakra. I have always felt the rootbis important as well. How has this change impacted your life?


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