8 Effective Ideas For Creating and Improving Your Meditation Altar

meditation altar

You are probably aware that meditation is a powerful practice that transcends time, various cultures, and generations. But is it important where we do it?

A designated and personalized meditation space such as an altar can bring more enjoyment and take your meditation and spiritual practice to new heights.

While there are no strict rules when creating your meditation altar, these ideas are proven to work and should be highly considered:

1. Personalize Your Altar

For the meditation altar to feel good and comfortable, it has to have your personal touch. This can mean any sound, smell, or object that personally soothes your body and mind.

However, the emphasis should be on physical items that would find their place on the meditation altar. Think of your favorite artwork, photos of your loved ones, or a lovely gift you received from someone close.

You can also add a comfy blanket you used for many years or anything else familiar in front of the altar. Most importantly, keep clutter to a minimum to induce a calming, peaceful feeling.

2. Introduce Aromatherapy

Introduce AromatherapyAromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a powerful step you can take to enhance your meditation practice and the whole meditation space around the altar. Candles, along with incense, essential oils, and smudge sticks, can add new and beneficial layers to your meditation practice.

Besides cloaking your meditation altar with a sense of relaxation, soothing scents have other surprising benefits.

Aromatherapy is capable of boosting the immune system, relieving muscle pain, and improving sleep. It’s a win-win situation with delightful and natural aromas!


3. Bring Nature Along

Add a touch of nature to your meditation altar, and it will instantly become infused with harmony - nature is organically healing and relaxing.

When it comes to adding natural elements, the variety is always there - think of green plants, seashells, small water fountains, or a vase of cut flowers.

Plants are especially significant because they act as air purifiers and removes toxins. If you live in a busy urban environment - this can be a game-changer!


4. Add Crystals

Adding spiritual crystal such as Labradorite to your meditation altar is one of the best ways to get the most out of both worlds - your meditation practice and your crystals.

The relaxed state during your meditation will allow you to tune into the properties of the chosen crystals.

Place crystals on the altar so that they are as near as possible and visible. You can also hold crystals in your hand. Remember that there’s no right or wrong - simply do what works best for you!


5. Consider Spiritual Statues

Consider Spiritual StatuesSpiritual Statues

Spiritual statues are also known as deities or murtis. Think of Meditating Buddha to help you relax or Shiva to help open the third eye.

However, the statues on your meditation altar can be from any religion or art form - as long as they mean something to you.

But these spiritual statues are not only for decor or meaning purposes. Different spiritual figurines can help you visualize various deities and gods during meditation. This type of meditation is potent and has been around Tibetan Buddhism for a long time.


6. Place Mala Beads On Your Meditation Altar

Mala beads will make your meditation altar even more diverse and functional. Traditionally, mala beads are used to count a mantra, say a prayer, or take conscious deep breaths.

But on your meditation altar, mala beads can also improve the overall look and keep that space around the altar sacred.

If you are serious about meditation, mala beads are simply a must!

7. Make The Space Around The Altar Cozy

To give the final touches to your meditation altar - consider adding comfy furniture around it.

Some of the best examples are a soft rug, plush pillows, and a high-quality yoga mat. Maybe even a whole couch? See what works for you!

Soft lighting is another critical aspect to consider - try to use natural light as much as possible or choose artificial light that makes you the most comfortable.


8. Have Journals and Books Nearby

Your journal, spiritual books, or sacred texts should be accessible during your practice. It can be any spiritual books or sacred writings that you are currently reading or intend to read. Maybe you would like to document your meditation progress and experience in a journal?

All of these options can be a great addition to your meditation practice and overall spirituality. Get creative and place some pens, blank papers, and books on the altar!

Lastly, books and journals have always been used as decor as well. Real books and your journals will undoubtedly add more charm to your meditation altar and make your meditation space feel cozier.



Honor yourself and your spirituality by having a sacred space in your home. Meditation altar can also become your personal space for relaxation, thoughtful moments, or even brainstorming. It’s a place with cleansed aura and pure intentions that will help you in many different ways. Start creating or enhancing your meditation altar today and see your spirituality thrive!

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