Mood Ring Colors & Their Meanings

Mood Ring Colors & Their Meanings

Mood Ring Meaning, History & More!

You’ve probably already heard that different colors can impact our emotional state. But what if we told you that a color-changing display could reflect your feelings too? Let us introduce you to a fascinating mood ring, its meaning, history, and other intriguing details!


How Was The Mood Ring Discovered?

Mood rings were a big fashion trend in the ’70s and made quite a comeback in the ‘90s. If you’re someone who is into horoscopes, crystals, and spirituality - there is a high chance that a mood ring may have started your journey of self-discovery!

The ring was first crafted by Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats in 1975. They created a mood ring by binding liquid crystals and quartz stones into actual rings.

Another source cites that mood rings were discovered by jeweler Marvin Wernick in the late ‘60s when he went on an emergency call with a friend who happened to be a doctor. The latter used a strip of thermotropic material on a young boy’s forehead to check his temperature, which gave Wernick the idea for the mood rings.

The mood ring has been around for a while and has not lost its popularity yet!

Mood Ring
Mood Ring

The Science Behind Mood Ring Colors

The eye-catching colors of a mood ring are based on thermotropic science and infused with heat-activated elements; these rings react with human skin temperature when worn. Temperature changes significantly affect a mood ring’s color-changing ability and are responsible for the wide variety of colors reflected. Wearing a mood ring is like having a liquid crystal thermometer on your finger!


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The Mood Ring Color Chart & Mood Ring Color Meanings

Are you ready to embark on a journey full of different colors and meanings? Every mood ring embodies its purpose, mood reflections, and color shades. What do the different colors of mood jewelry mean? Keep on reading because below, you’ll find an essential mood ring chart!

Color Meaning


It is the default color of any mood jewelry when it is not in use. However, if your mood ring turns black when you’re wearing it, it could mean you might be experiencing some negative emotions, like stress, anxiety, or anger.


This color symbolizes discomfort or anxiety. If your emotional state gets worse - the color of the mood jewelry ultimately turns black.


Well, it highly depends on its hue, so be sure to inspect your purple mood ring carefully:

Dark Purple: When a mood ring turns dark purple, it can mean that the person feels sensual. He might be under a spell or consumed by passion.

Pink: If the ring is lighter and closer to pink in color - a person is more relaxed and happy.

Purplish-red: Means quite the opposite. The wearer might be feeling mad, anxious, or grumpy.


The color white symbolizes positive traits, harmony, and peace. However, a white mood ring could reflect a person’s boredom, confusion, or frustration.


The wearer might be under a spell or consumed by passion.

Lighter green: could signal jealousy or restlessness, while darker green, on the other hand, could convey a state of complete focus or curiosity.


Blue color can showcase a person’s happiness, thriving optimism, and peaceful state of mind.

Any other shades of blue such as light blue or dark blue, could mean that the wearer is feeling flirtatious, romantic, or even passionate.


in general, red is the universal color of love and passion. That’s the case with mood jewelry as well.

A darker shade of red can mean quite a few different emotions, starting from romantic love and arousal and ending with fear or anger.


This color is the epitome of mixed emotions. The wearer might feel poetic one second and completely confused or nervous the other. Usually, it indicates that the mind has difficulties focusing.


Just like yellow, orange can indicate a wide variety of different emotions. The ring would display different shades of orange when the wearer feels aggressive, stressed out, upset, brave, nervous, or confused.

With all these mood ring color meanings, even the slightest hue variation can give you a different perspective of your ring, feelings, and emotions! Feel free to use this mood ring chart for any mood jewelry - be it a necklace, bracelet, or anything else. The color is the key!

Mood ring colors Mood ring colors


Can Mood Jewelry Really Tell What You’re Feeling?

So, how do mood rings work? Scientifically, mood rings and other mood jewelry activate their color in response to the wearer’s body temperature and the temperature of his surroundings rather than his emotions.

So, the question is: can it tell what you’re feeling? It’s possible. There is an interesting, scientifically proven correlation between the changes in our body temperature and our current emotional state - this makes some of the results challenging to argue with.

If you want to get in touch with your feelings, a mood ring is something that you can experiment with. It may not tell your feelings with 100% accuracy, but it will keep you more aware of the emotional changes that you’re experiencing. Just make sure that you don’t end up secretly wishing for mood swings. After all, it’s quite a thrill when your ring keeps you guessing with every color change, and it can be fun!


Final Thoughts on Mood Ring Meaning

Mood ring meaning is all about the state of mind and having fun with the changing colors. Modern mood rings are made of sterling silver; therefore, you’ll look stunning as well! And that’s why mood rings are also quite popular as engagement rings. Enjoy!

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