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Vanity sizing - One More Marketing Ploy


Let us introduce you to a sinister trick that not every woman knows about, yet, has been deceived by at least once in her life when ordering clothes online. It is quite popular among retailers and it’s called vanity sizing, also known as size inflation.

To put it simply, vanity sizing is a practice of labeling clothes with sizes smaller than industry standards would indicate. For instance, if a size 10 normally fits a woman with a 28-inch waist, a size 8 or 6 that fits that same woman is considered “vanity sized.”

This has been continuing for decades now and can seem shocking once you realize that what used to be a US size 12 in the early ‘60s, is now a size 6.

No wonder this phenomenon is causing a pretty big mess in the fashion industry, as well as for women wearing non-traditional sizes. According to recent numbers, an estimate of 40 % of online orders are returned due to distorted sizing.

Why Do Retailers Engage In This Practice?

The answer is simple - to make us feel better about our body (“oh, so I’m 8 and not 10 after all”). And, naturally, feeling good about the piece encourages us to purchase it. It’s a psychological manipulation that promotes a more positive self-image upon seeing a smaller label.

What Can You Do To Avoid It?

The best way to get around vanity sizing is to know your exact measurements and to apply these numbers when shopping online. Every brand’s sizing charts are different, so you have to be thorough when comparing your waist, bust and hip measurements with the retailer’s size chart. Eventually, you will memorize in which brand you’re size 8 and in which one you’re a size 12.And once you do, it will make your whole online shopping experience much more pleasant

So hurry up, take the cloth measure and find out what your measurements are! Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered - you can read all about it HERE!

Feel safe and confident when shopping online, and be certain that no vanity sizing techniques will be able to trick you in the future!