My woowoo life ...


So, for those of you, who are new to my blog … I am on a journey to find peace and fulfilment.

I am recently single. I am struggling to make ends meet. I often wonder how I let myself get so far away from knowing how I feel and how I stopped being in tune with my body.  My ex is now in a serious relationship. We have two beautiful children who are smart and full of love. This shared parenting gig is hard work and it can be made harder if the adults don’t keep open minds and hearts.

Which brings me to my coffee date last week …

So last week, I met Brittany, the new woman in my ex’s life. I spent the few days leading up to meeting her feeling nervous. Well she is young, she’s ten years younger than me. She is gorgeous, no mom bod as she hasn’t had children yet. She was polite, respectful and modest during our coffee date. She even asked to see this blog … I really thought she was going to be a positive influence in all our lives, I know what you’re all thinking … I must be a saint.

Well, within hours of meeting her my ex called to voice his concerns about my woowoo life and how I am pretending that crystals, yoga, meditation and chakras are spiritually healing. His real concern is that my children will believe “all this mumbo jumbo”. He is once again calling me an unfit mother.

I was shocked by his accusations and hurt but after the call I had a chat with my kids. I asked them if they had noticed any changes in me over the last few weeks. To my surprise they both said I was nicer and happier. I asked what “nicer” meant and my daughter said, “I don’t know mom, you’re just nice to everyone and you mean it, before you were nice but you were angry about it.”

Well, blow me down, she was right. I used to agree to do things, smile when things weren’t comfortable or right and pretend to be ok with it (obviously I wasn’t giving Oscar winning performances).

I was supposed to spend this last week looking into the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. I have done a little reading but I haven’t put anything into practice yet so I will write about it all next week. From what I have learnt so far this chakra is such an important chakra, it is the centerpiece of all seven. It is the place where the physical and spiritual planes come together, and all of this rests on a foundation of gratitude and love. When it is open, there is so much joy and love to be found in the world. This is why it is important for everyone to heal and grow the fourth chakra. If you know of ways to open and heal the heart chakra let me know :) I love hearing how others are going on this journey of spiritual healing.Originally, I started this journey to find peace and a sense that I belonged. What I am finding is that I have always belonged but I was too scared to own it. I have learnt so much about spiritual healing, chakras, yoga, crystals etc etc. but I have learnt more about just being in the moment and dealing with feelings and thoughts as they arise.

I am taking this week out to make sure I am ok. So I have been going to yoga every day, meditating regularly, taking long walks in beautiful surroundings and just playing with my kids. I have also discovered the benefit of coloring in, I find it so relaxing and rewarding to see it completed.

I hope that each person reading these posts finds their own peace and healing. I am not by any means near the end of my journey but it feels sooooo good to have some control over how I let myself feel and what I expect from myself.

Please continue with me on my journey of peace and fulfilment.

Wishing you light and love xxx

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