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How To Not Be Afraid Of Wearing Color At Work When You Are 45+


How many times did you open a fashion magazine just to stumble upon a paragraph suggesting that “women of a certain age” needed to dress in an “age-appropriate” way? More often than you should have, probably.

For years we’ve been told how to dress, how to look ‘’elegant and graceful’’ and how the only way to achieve a professional look in the workplace was to sport those uninspiring classical black and white or neutral ensembles and maybe be slightly daring with some muted colors.

And what a shame! We all love colors, don’t we? We’re not afraid of them when it comes to choosing our bed sheets or wallpapers. When we shop – our eye immediately goes to those bright Moroccan plates behind the display window. Colors inspire and stimulate us, we’re drawn to them, so why shouldn’t we incorporate some of them in our work outfits as well?

The magazines lied to you. You absolutely CAN look fabulous and professional while being a little bit bold at the same time ;)

The question is… where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1) Everything in moderation.

The best way to introduce some more color in your outfits – yes, you guessed it – is to start with little accents. In order to create a cohesive look, you need a focal point. The more focal points there are – the quicker your outfit can turn into a hot mess if you’re not sure what you’re doing, and that’s not what you want to achieve when it comes to your work.

You don’t need to get a completely new wardrobe, utilize the work clothes that you’re so familiar and comfortable with already and add a piece or two of something more daring to create some interest. It can be anything you like – an eye-catching neck piece, a floral skirt, a colorful scarf, a bold coat, a statement accessory or a pair of print shoes – just not everything at once. That’s the secret!

2) Look for something that works for YOU!

Not all colors will look the same on you, some will work better than others, and that’s okay. You can wear all the colors but the key is finding out what is most suitable for your skin tone.

There is a thing called the “Blink Test”. Stand in front of the mirror, close your eyes tightly for the count of "five", then open them. What do you see first? If you see a specific color before you even see yourself – it might not be working that well for your complexion.

The question is, what do you do with the colors that seem to compliment you less? Does that mean that you shouldn’t wear them at all? FALSE. You can still make them work, just try not to wear them too close to your face. Instead, opt for the pants or a skirt, shoes, something that you can work on the lower part of your body. Accessories are a good place

to start too!

3) Be daring but trust your instincts.

No one knows better what is ‘’just right’’ and what is ‘’too much’’ for your workplace than you do. You’ve been there, you saw how your colleagues dress, and you know best what could be deemed inappropriate. Push the boundaries slightly, some little splashes and accents of color will work almost everywhere. The key is to not go overboard, in certain scenarios you just can’t get away with wearing a hot red dress in an office, no matter how gorgeous you’d look in it. Trust your gut!

4) No matter what you do – be yourself!

The most important thing is to feel comfortable. Creativity, experimentation, and self-exploration is important, especially in this age when you have a chance to reinvent yourself, however, if at any point it all feels too much or too overwhelming to you – just say no. You don’t have to be daring just for the sake of it, and if certain colors still make you nervous or uncomfortable – simply skip them. Let the colors inspire you, and if they don’t – that’s completely fine as well. After all, a sunny yellow coat or a bright pink handbag is not going to work for everyone.

In the end – the choice is yours. Adding some color to your outfits can be a great way to freshen up your look and make you more radiant than ever before. Try it, who knows, maybe you’ll love it! After all, if now is not the time to express yourself, then when?