Feeling Anxious All the Time? There Might Be a Solution for You


Nearly one-fifth of Americans of all age groups have anxiety-related issues. If you’re one of them, then you surely know what constant irrational worrying, lack of focus and irritability feels like. An anxious thought or a trigger can arise anywhere, anytime - in an elevator, at work, on a train, at friend’s birthday or even before going to sleep. You can’t really control it. But you can soothe it or shrink it in your mind until it becomes a more manageable issue.


Fun and Easy Tricks to the Rescue

Anxiety might sound like a grave problem, but let’s look at it this way - the more we overthink it, the more anxious we’ll be. This gives a good reason to try simple, playful tricks that might help to handle disturbing thoughts and deconstruct irrational fears. One of such tricks is rubbing a comfort object, like a “palm stone”, or a “worry stone”.

Made from smooth, polished gemstone, calm stones have been around since the ancient civilizations of Greece, Tibet and Mesopotamia. Let not forget that crystals have also been valued for their healing and calming energy, which adds to the soothing sensation of rubbing a vibrant gemstone.

Labradorite as an Anxiety Relieving Stone

Among Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Onyx and other gems, Labradorite is also often used as a calm stone. You can recognize it from its mesmerizing appearance and a play of blue, green, gray colors as you observe the stone from different angles. It’s sometimes referred to as Merlin Stone because of its mystical appearance and no less mysterious effect it may have on a person’s intuition, psychic abilities, and even dreams.

If you want to use it as an object for relieving anxiety, just keep it close wherever you go either as a necklace or a stone in your pocket. Once you feel your heart rate increasing and your mind looping the same anxious thought, just focus on your breathing, take the captivating labradorite stone in your palm, and slowly rub its surface observing the alluring colors of the stone. In five minutes you might feel a lot better.

But there’s much more to it than that. Here’s the metaphysical and psychological benefits people claim to feel when wearing labradorite stone necklace:

  • Some claim labradorite can subtly change your response to unpleasant situations in an emotional and physical way.
  • Labradorite is believed to clean the aura and at the same time help get rid of bad habits and thoughts.
  • Some find it easier to feel more relaxed in a busy work environment and focus on their tasks when wearing this stone
  • When used in meditation, labradorite may open the mind to higher consciousness and show the ways we overestimate the gravity of trivial problems.

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