Braving yoga


It is official, I work at a yoga studio and I love it.  We are required to partake in a yoga class at least once a week, the idea is that we need to practise what we preach. What a scary thought …

Much to my horror, the staff yoga class was held on my first day. Of course I was not prepared, think WORK attire not WORKOUT attire. The head instructor offered me a spare outfit. I took one look at her teeny tiny waist and my first thoughts were to run (not that I could actually go further than 20 feet without doubling over in agony) and then she smiled and said she had a pair of loose yoga pants and a tee for me. What a relief …


I walked into the studio, and she introduced me to everyone and asked me to stay up front so she could keep an eye on me. I can honestly say that it started out as the scariest class of my life. In the beginning, I was so focussed on trying to suck in my belly, hold the position and not grunt. I kept watching everyone else and they are all so in tune with their bodies, they seemed to move effortlessly and with no grunting. Halfway through the class I started to relax and it made such a difference although I admit to sounding like a small elephant when we changed positions or had to stretch further.


After the class, my boss congratulated me for giving it a go, I walked away feeling pretty proud of myself.

I still feel like my Tiger’s Eye is playing a role in the success and peace I am feeling. I am still carrying it everywhere, although, Sarah, has said that I need to branch out and discover more crystals and widen my horizons and beliefs about the possibilities out there.

Oh, I almost forgot, the studio is offering a free introduction to Chakra evening next week. I have been asked to help out, I think I might listen in and see what it is all about … I keep telling myself “open your heart and mind to new things Joanna”.


Please continue with me on my journey of peace and fulfilment.

Wishing you light and love


light and love

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