5 Unusual Tricks to Help Control Binge Eating


Boy, what haven’t we tried to keep our fingers off the fridge! Food supplements, different diets, self-help books, drinking pots of coffee, eating slowly, having snacks between meals... There are plenty of both science-based and fantasy-based methods for suppressing one’s appetite. But while these methods work for some people, they might not do the trick for others.

Even when it seems that you’ve already tried all possible ways to stop your binge eating, you always find out there’s even more to try, each one of them more bizarre than the other.

Here’s five incredible tips that can help control your little binge eating problem. You’ll be surprised, but for some, they actually work!

Blue Plates

1. Eat from Blue Plates

Since blue color is practically non-existent in natural foods, it doesn’t trigger hunger and naturally suppresses our appetite as our brain is not programmed to have an appetite response to this color.

Brush Your Teeth

2. Brush Your Teeth

All cravings begin in your mouth, or more precisely, on your palate. Brushing your teeth cleanses your palate gets rid of the taste you’re craving for. Also, everyone knows how disgusting food tastes just after brushing your teeth, so this method seems quite solid.

Pinch Your Nose or Earlobes

3. Pinch Your Nose or Earlobes

For this one, we must thank acupuncturists. Apparently, we get hungry when our energy is imbalanced. Since our nose and earlobes have pressure points responsible for restoring the balance of our energy, pinching them for 10 seconds might kill your appetite.

Dining Space

4. Add More Lights to Your Dining Space

Romantic dinner in the candlelight won’t seem like such a great idea after you hear this: dim lightning increases our appetite. Science has proven that the brighter the lights in your dining room, the less likely you’re going to eat an extra serving.

Hematite Bracelet

5. Try Wearing a Hematite Bracelet

Last but definitely not least, magnets. Hematite is an affordable, elegant looking shiny dark grey stone that has been extensively used in alternative medicine since ancient times. Not only it’s said to feature strong grounding and relaxing properties but also might help to lose weight. It may work in two ways - either by balancing your Root Chakra which is responsible for our self-control or through magnetic stimulation of cells which increases metabolism.

Did we also mention that hematite bracelets look simply gorgeous? Seems like a win-win.

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