5 Causes of Negativity and One Gemstone to Fight Them



Negativity is a sneaky thing. It comes unnoticed and silently spreads inside us until one day we suddenly realize, how dark our thoughts have become and how little joy is left in our spirits.

There are multiple sources of mind and soul consuming negativity. But most of the times, negativity creeps into our lives through the influence of toxic people, stress at work, and our own deep insecurities, fears, and failures. If not dealt with, it poisons our thoughts and ambitions, drags us down, and makes our lives a misery.

The first step one must take in order to eliminate the source of negativity is to recognize it. Once you find the root of negativity, you take action. However, it can be a difficult task to do if you have no spiritual support.

There is a reason why people use crystals and gemstones to improve their lives. And since we are talking about negativity, there is one particular gemstone said to provide one with energetic guidance when dealing with it. It’s obsidian, a mysterious looking stone with powerful cleansing and protecting properties.

These are the five causes of negativity that may be counterbalanced by the metaphysical properties of the obsidian stone.


5 Causes of Negativity

1. Influence from negative people and "energetic vampires"

Negativity is contagious. We unconsciously take it in from outside sources. Obsidian helps break attachments to negative people and may provide us with immunity to their influence on us.

2. Psychic smog created within your aura in a toxic work environment

Stress, competition, tension, fighting for recognition – these are the vices that dominate today’s work culture, and it’s dangerous for our well-being. Obsidian enables you to take things easy. It may ground you, give the clarity of mind, and guide the restless thoughts.

3. Negativity caused by self-criticism

Social media definitely doesn’t help our self-esteem, as it only highlights the bright side of others’ lives. Naturally, we compare their lives with ours which leaves us feeling inferior. Obsidian encourages you to accept and be who you really are. It also lets you identify your weaknesses and may give a gentle push to work on them.

4. Clinging to the past

Reliving the unpleasant experiences poisons the present. It chains us to something that has already passed and that we no longer have control over. Obsidian can help you relive these memories one more time, only to finally inspire you to work through them, and let go of the traumatic past once and for all.

5. Discomfort caused by the fear of the future

Just like the past, the future can also hold us back from fully enjoying life and experiencing the present moment. It’s a good thing that obsidian has strong grounding and “mind sweeping” properties. It can help eliminate the anxiety by connecting you to the earth and freeing your mind from the prison of uncertainty.

Grab onto the mesmerizing obsidian stone and try its ways of guiding the spirit when dealing with negative feelings!

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